Thursday, July 21, 2011


I decided to give my legs a break and biked for 60mins. 600 calories.
Now, because of family issues, I reluctantly take a 3 days break.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ana 60 Mins

Its quite a thorough workout. Did it with Evans again. Gosh!
I am now 82Kgs. My wife has made a decree that I stop cutting weight. I want to go down to 78Kgs by September. She doesn't know what shes got coming.
Here are guys in a Thursday Fartlek session in Iten.

60 mins easy

We were at it again today. Took it easy. My vertical leaps felt easier. I am getting stronger and lighter.

Lots of traveling in the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile, I have just learnt two magic tricks that I will perform on Sato! Can't wait!

Monday, July 18, 2011

55 Mins semi-Hard - Bandage free!

Yeah, ran with Evans. Bandage free for the first time this year! my shins seem to have healed though I am not sure I am out of the woods yet.
Wasnt feeling so strong. At any rate, tomorrow should be an easy 60 mins. You know the followig lady, right? Tirunesh Dibaba and Defar's nightmare.

29K Run

Sato I took it easy. I didnt even bike. So Sunday after agreeing to meet GK at Galleria, I left the house at 6.00am and ran to Galleria. It took me 30 minutes and I was worried GK may have left me but I founf him stratching and warming up at the car park.
So we left. Both in gloves and marvins. He took it easy on me. We went through Bomas into some estates in Karen. Crossed some fences, ran accross fields and on roads and back to Langatta road into higher Karen.
I kep up and we kept a pretty fast and steady pace. I could feel the effects of the few speed runs I have done: they made me comfortable even as the pace was high.
At about 1:37 minutes, I got tired and GK widened the gap. I decided two things after realizing my energy was gone: (1) dont walk. Slow down if u must but no walking (2) Dig the fuck deep. So I dug deep and tried my darnedest to keep up.
But I couldnt and after realizing this, GK kept slowing down for me without letting me close the gap. And at some point my ribs ached. I am not sure it was a stitch.
At any rate, we cleared the 21 K in 1:38 and the total run took 2:37minutes. 29Kms. The longest I have ever run.
I iced my feet and took it easy.
Today I did a recovery run of 37 mins.
So far so good.

Friday, July 15, 2011

60mins easy

I ran with Evans and we did an easy 60mins. Legs feel okay. Shins kinda sore but not badly. I am excited about this year. If I continue uninterrupted in August and September, some wonderful stuff should happen.
My shins are healing well and I hope I am leaving shin pains behind. My knees havent given me trouble today.
Some asshole hasnt handed me my garmin. He has explained himself though but I am still mad.

Here is Asbel Kiprop in Daegu trials in Nairobi.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

57 mins hard - Running Partner?

Was up at 4:45. Stretched. Warmed my calves with calf raises. Toilet work. Bandaged both knees because yesterday I gave the right knee some support and it was happy and the left one was not so I gave both of them. Marvin. Gloves. Stop watch. Shoes. Done. Step into the cold dawn air.
At 5 I was off. I noticed I did not struggle to run uphill in the first 300 metres. About 10 mins later, some guy in white shoes, black TShirt and shorts joined me and after 10 minutes of running on his own in a rather staccato and haphazard fashion, he started running after me. I decided to try to burn him out and I upped my tempo and used fartleks and I sorta did after 18 minutes. Then when I saw him slow down to a halt, I shouted to him to "push". So he joined me and I tried to burn him out again (maybe there is some competitive demon lurking in runners like me wanting to see other runners crash and burn). But he didnt. He hung in there. We even did sprints. He hung in there. Until I finished after 57 minutes when daylight was streaming in. We backpedaled and did pushups and stretched and did heel-toe-walks as he told me the issues they have with where he lives.
He told me he is called Evans and has been looking for a running partner and was glad I encouraged him and that he found me.
Lets see how it goes. Tomorrow I take it easy. My weight is doing great.
Here is Desiree Henry of Great Britain takes girls' 200m gold in Lille.

We are On

I am on. Yesterday I bought a marvin and gloves because its really cold in the mornings. The bugger I sent for my garmin is turning out to be an unreliable ass. Damn annoying. My shins seem to have healed. Now my knees seem to want to start bothering me. Today I bandaged my right knee for support.
Maybe its the results of overtraining last week. Maybe its the recent weight gain though I dont expect it to be a factor. Maybe its using the stepper. I dont know.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still Running...

But very busy. Will start updating regularly soon.