Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Injury has Fully Healed. Ready for War. But..

But my country is fucked in a very big way. I am traumatized but will probably start running next week. It's a living nightmare to be where I am at. My countrymen are killing each other, our Democracy has been fucked from every direction and most people are so mad that they are ready to kill the nearest person and are burning and looting shops, raping women and shit. I have two brothers who have had to move in with their families. Hundreds have been killed more than 500,000 are homeless. Someone was arguing that we should probably go down this road to full-scale genocide like Rwanda because once Rwandans had killed each other to near-extinction, when they got together, their economy has been growing ever since. Geometrically.

As it is right now, everyday, we are treated to arrogant talk and grandstanding by people who are part of an illegal and illegitimate regime. Everytime you try peace, you are told there is nothing to be aggrieved about and that there is no big deal about anything.
I am shocked at how fragile we are as a country and how much human beings can be shameless, dishonourable and unbeleivable. We hope we will find a way out even though everytime we try the way of peace, we are met with arrogance, offensive and provocative talk and downright stupidity and impunity.