Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Easy 40 mins

My legs were sore. Knees and shins. So I did an easy 40 mins today. I feel better. Too much good foor from my wife so the weight isn't going down. Damn.
Today I present you with Jamaican Spinter Shelly Ann Fraser.

Still On...

I am aiming at being able to do at least 8K tempo runs in that 38minutes. I have about 1.7Kms to my target. After I reach that, then I start 40 minutes which I have to load 10K into.

Meanwhile, I continue the hard (tempo/fartlek) easy thingy. The Samsung Diamond League resumes on on Saturday, 3 July at Hayward Field where guys will compete for the one mile record where Asbel Kiprop (below) is considered a favorite.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jackin it up

Today I was up at 5.40am and since its time to start moving faster, I did. After stretching a little, I took the first 400m easy and started my tempo run. I met one or two runners (unlike Sunday when I met more than ten). I took off and kept at it. One can cover quite a distance in 38 minutes.
I came back, stretched thoroughly and worked on my muscles and core strength.
This week I am jackin it up. Definitely.
Here is Ethiopian Azmeraw Bekele who defeated a pair of favourites to win the 20th edition of Corrida de Langueux 10Km on Saturday (26).

Did the 1hr LSR. Fedor Loses

I did the 1Hr LSR to TMall and back. It went quite well. 70 minutes next week. I met many runners. This week I want to drop a Kilo. I also want to start moving faster. I will use fartleks and tempo runs. I will start speedwork (interval runs) after my tempo runs go below 25mins for 5K.
So far so good. Just need to concentrate on proper form, proper stretching, heel-toe walks for shins and leg extensions for my knees/quads and I should be fine.
Meanwhile, Fedor Lost to Fabricio Werdum last weekend, shocking the world. The emperor got locked in a triangle choke. Below is Fabricio ecstatic and Fedor shocked.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Last 38 mins for the week

I ran today too. Increased the speed a little. I am fine. Sunday its a 60 min LSR. Cheers.

Strikeforce MMA girls Cris Cyborg and Jan Finney face off.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

And ana

I used more dirt road today so my knees should be better now. My mum is leaving hospital today.
Swamped with work.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pickin up

I did 38 mins on the track yesterday and another 38 mins today. Slow speeds. My focus is running 5X a week and maintaining it. Then after I can do that, I introduce variety into it. So I am building a base first. Building discipline, knowing the times, the new environment, strengthening my quads and ensuring my hamstrings remain supple.
So that when I start to jack it up, my body can handle it.
Below is Christine Ohuruogu coming through at the end to win the 400m title in a past race.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Moved. Now I start Running from a new Location

I had a very busy weekend. Sunday morning I didnt go for the LSR because my back was paining. My hands were aching and I was feeling feverish. So I slept the morning off.
I have moved to a bigger and better house. My house. But I am not sure of the neighbourhood outside our court which is about one hectare. But I have to try. A Man must Try. There is a 1Km stretch of dust road without street lights and thats the one I am not very comfortable about. But like they say, running is not for sissies.
I left home at 7.43am today and was in the office by 8.10 am. This means I can comfortably leave the house at 7.30 and make it to the office by 8am. What this means is that I have a 30 minutes bonus!
So I can wake up at 5.30am instead of 5am!
So, TWTF Off LSROff. From tomorrow.
Here is Joe Daddy Stevenson - never Give up.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ana 38 mins

I was up at 5 and did my 38 minutes. My speed is picking up. I rest tomorrow while I will be busy moving house. Then Sunday, hopefully, I do the long run in my new location.
Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar has added Randy Couture in his training camp for UFC 116 against Shane Carwin.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back after 10 days rest

I was away on work. Travelled across many towns and decided since I was in unfamiliar surroundings every other day, It was time to take a break and let nagging injuries heal. Any injuries from here on I may have to run off the stoic way.

I ran yeaterday and today. I have decided to do 38 minutes four times per week and start 40 minutes mid July. Meanwhile, From Sunday I resume my long Slow runs (LSR) and I start with one hour this Sunday.

I will be running Sunday (LSR), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
So Sato and Monday are rest days.
From Mid July I start speedwork in form of tempo runs and fartleks.
The next three weeks will focus on "pushing gently" especially after 3Kms (when my body is warmed up).
Here is Clay Guida. Much respected in MMA for his unrelenting, never giving-up spirit.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Too Much Rain

I woke up but found it drizzling so I didnt run today. Aaah! recovery time. Anytime baby!
Today I give you Hector Lombard, one of MMA's best.
 He is no 43 out of the top 50 as per bleacher report.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still Going on - Shin Splints

I ran yesterday and today and I have splintered shins now on my left leg. I am doing toe raises and doing my best to better the condition.

I have dropped 3Kgs.

Cheers. Today I give you Laushantea Moore.

American sprinter Lashauntea Moore produced the best performance of the “Grande Prêmio Caixa Maringá de Atletismo” by running a stunning PB of 10.97 in the 100m on Sunday (30) at the “Estádio Willie Davis” in the Brazilian city of Maringá, state of Paraná.