Sunday, September 30, 2007

Did 21Kms

I managed 21Kms in 1hr 45mins yesterday. I felt pretty banged up after the run but it was a good run. My pace was fairly fast and I managed the first 7Kms in 31minutes so I am close to my target of 7Kms in 30 mins.
My lower leg injuries are gone and I am pretty strong though I got tired and really slowed down after 14Kms. I need to look into that.
I want to focus on increasing my speed these next two weeks and on being stronger. So weight training will come in.
Lets see how it goes. I should be going for some 12Kms Tomorrow. Today I am off. I am so hungry and I am afraid I may be transforming to a glutton. I just ordered two chapatis, an egg and a maize cob.
Now, excuse me while I eat.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Still On a Break

I am in Mombasa. I have been working out in my hotel room in the mornings. Squats, abs, calf-raises, pressups and kicks. I will be running on Sunday and will let you know how it goes.
Its a humid place here (its next to Indian Ocean) so I work out just in my pants and sweat pours pretty freely. What I am doing is giving my legs a chance to heal as I keep them away from the pounding that comes with running. I am also filling my glycogen stores which I will empty on Sunday. I am looking forward to Sunday because each passing day I feel like I am adding weight!
Cheers fellaz.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Did 13Kms in 1hr 2 mins - Taking a Break from the road/track

I struggled with some strange injury in my foot which I shook off during the first kilometer on Saturday. I then ran 13Kms. What was encouraging was that I ran the last two Kms in under eight minutes. I may be traveling this week and have decided to use it as a break and work on stretching my thigh muscles and strengthening my quads and hamstrings and calves. I also want to watch my diet, which I blew yesterday.
My plan is to work on kicks (which seem to target the same muscles that work when am running), squats (if my knees co-operate), jumps for my calves, and abdominals. If I travel, I will be visiting a humid town and I will work hard to cut some weight. The good thing is that I will be able to push my workout period to one hour instead of 45minutes. If things go well, I should do some 23 Kms on 30th or 1st September. That will leave me with one more long run before my marathon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Did 12Kms. Still Going Strong

I managed 12Kms yesterday in 58 mins. This is an improvement. With this increase in speed though, my legs seem to suffer. I backpedaled for 800 meters and the shin splints still seem to be at bay. I am definitely stronger and faster and I am able to keep at a certain speed for longer.
I will try my best and have a recovery run on saturday (tomorrow). Even though every time I go to run, I feel like its an opportunity I should not squander jogging slowly. But I think I need the recovery run.
Cheers. I will try and slow down next week so that I can go for a 24Km run on 29th or 30th.
I need to weigh myself. I have cut out sugars in the morning and reduced carbs during lunch whilst increasing protein and vitamin intake to help my wounds heal and my muscles develop. Lets see how it goes. I want to be strong, lean and fast. Resistance training, diet and speed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Did 10Kms. I am Improving!

After walking for around 1.5Kms yesterday and stretching, I felt pretty good. Strong and injury free. No shin splints, no knee problems. So I said why not? And I started fast and kept at it. I managed to clear the first 5Kms in 23mins. Thats a 3 minutes improvement! And I managed to clear the 10K in 46mins and some seconds. This is great! I have improved!. Plus, my shin-splints are gone! I feel great. I feel that I can manage 5K in under 20 mins if I try hard enough and I am aiming at exactly that. I will try again tomorrow and see if I can do 12K under 50minutes or 10K under 40 minutes. I think I can do it. I am so excited and happy as hell.
This is greeeat! This next four weeks I will push this body hard. This is war. And on 29th Sept I will do 23Kms because I have come to believe that these long runs help improve one's speed.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Did 21Kms on Saturday

I did 21Kms on Saturday and rested yesterday. I had an easy, fun run and took about 1hour 50 mins. I did not carry a watch so concentrated on covering the distance and feeling how my body was handling the task. My shin splints are almost completely healed. I however have some pain down towards my foot that I will be monitoring. My knees are not that strong.

Today I decided to change my breakfast and for the next four weeks, my breakfast will be two biscuits of Weetabix and 250ml of milk.
I also want to cut down on my lunch because I tend to eat quite a lot during lunch.
This morning, I threw kicks for 17 minutes (hamstrings). After I was fully warmed up and sweating, I embarked on countless calf-raises and curls. Then I did 200 crunches (100+20X5). I also walked some two Kilometers.

I will be doing some 12Kms or so tomorrow.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Strengthening Excercises and Some Cardio

I worked out for 30 minutes today. Threw kicks for 15 minutes, did vertical jumps, a few preacher curls and lower abs excercises. My aim is to keep my metabolic rate (to help me with weight loss) and to increase my core strength and develop stronger leg muscles.
I feel quite strong after taking it easy for three days and I am thinking I should be pretty strong tomorrow. My shin splints are just about over but there is some slight pain in the inner side of my right leg. Its as if the shin splints have migrated down because it is down, close to the foot. Its not a problem. I realized that the shoes I have been wearing may have been causing some problem with my foot because they were not well-fitting and I have taken up an old pair.
The politics in my country is really fucked up right now and I hope we will get a new breed of politicians after the elections. Corruption is rampant and thugs are passing legislation to easen looting and creating laws that protect their loot. Its so damn annoying, I can feel cortisol flowing in me.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Giving the Joints a Break and Gearing Up for Long Run

Today, like tomorrow, I worked out indoors. First, because it rained quite heavily yesterday and I am sure the track is a mess today - damn, its still raining now. Secondly, because I plan to do 21Kms on Saturday so I might as well give my body, especially my joints and leg muscles (calves and shins) a break and let some healing take place and chase the soreness. And third, the extreme fatigue I felt after the 11Kms run on Saturday was a red flag and may mean I need to slow down somewhat because my energy levels are low so I need to reload and fire big tyme on Saturday. Plus, my joints need to heal and be well-oiled for the 21Kms on Saturday.
Yeah. So I used weights to develop my core strength. Abs, Arms, back and quads.
I shall do something similar tomorrow.
In my conversation with a friend today, I just got an insight I could learn from myself since I am such a slut for distance: It is better to run 5 Kms today and be able to run again tomorrow, than run 20Kms today and be nursing injuries for the next week.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Did 11 Kms

I did 11Kms yesterday - it took me about an hour. I felt pretty banged up after the workout. Very damn tired. I feel okay today but I am suprised I felt so tired after warming down. After the run I felt okay and did more than twenty pressups and crunches. Wow. At any rate, I decided to take it easy and enjoy myself instead of pushing hard and fast. Tomorrow, for the first time, I will try and have a recovery run - some easy 8Kms or so. Because I would like to try 21 Kms on Saturday.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I got the Route map and will register today

[Please click on the image to magnify]
I got the route map for the marathon. I am suprised we will use the same track as last year but its all good. There is only one hill - make it two since we double back in the 21Kms. The registration fee was increased by 700/= and is 1000/= this year.
My plan is to 'peak' my training the next four weeks then taper off. The last week I will just be eating and sleeping. I cant wait.
My MBA project proposal was accepted for presentation so I will be doing some runaround today to pay fees and get some signatures and hopefully can defend it on Monday next week.
The problem on my foot has abated. I am suspecting I will be walking for some three Kilometers today and will run for 12Kms in the evening. I need to ensure my voter registration is in order because there is an important election I will be participating in in a couple of months.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cross-Training and Building Confidence

I am off the track today so I engaged myself in some resistance training. I did calf raises with weights, preacher curls, half squats (carefully ensuring I dont upset the left knee) and crunches.
There was some pain on my right foot but I think it will pass within eight hours. Am getting psyched for the marathon and my focus this week is to do my 12Km run on Tuesday and Thursday and then 21Km on Saturday. If I manage that, my week will have been successful. My weight seems to be sticking at around 80Kgs. I would like to hit 78Kgs. Some people are complaining that I have lost too much while some say I look overweight.
Oh, by the way, I will go and register for the marathon today. I will post the map and everything as soon as I have it.

Another 12Km and Phone gets stolen

After I had struggled through my finnishing kick after 12Kms - it took 1hr and 3mins, and backpedaling for 400m, when I approached my bag, the first thing I noticed was that my water bottle was lying outside the bag and an unfinnished Sudoku puzzle I was filling was also lying next to it.
I didnt need to be told, or even to check: my phone was stolen. And my keys too. Why would any idiot steal my keys for Pete's sake?
Anyways, the phone was a bulky Nokia 6600 (see image)that I didnt particulaly appreciate due to its bulk. Plus, I'd like to see how it will feel like to stay off the radar for a while and its a great opportunity to get a nifty phone next time I get some money. Not right now. I also need to buy a jacket plus another sweatshirt and possibly another pair of running shoes. But where is the money?
Oh, by the way, I had already recruited four guys into marathon training. Three have already dropped out due to various pains.
But I am on. I promised myself and will see myself through this. I have rested today. Tomorrow, I will cross-train with weights, being careful to avoid upsetting my left knee, which seems to be steadily getting better. Plus, I will see my supervisor tomorrow evening and have a class on Wednesday so Tuesday and Thursday I should cover 12Km each.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Started my Regimen with 12 Km

As planned, I started by doing 12 Kms yesterday. It took me an hour. My aim is to attempt to do it in 50 mins. I am resting today and will have another go at it on Saturday. I havent been doing much writing of late though I have been reading a lot. Right now I am reading section two of The Great Debate - which is between Alvin Plantiga and Paul Draper alongside Niels Lemche's A Prelude to Israel's Past.
Its quite interesting. I keep getting this feeling - some idea is building up and I may embark on a major work soon but I first must review E.P. Sander's Jesus and Judaism before the year end aand I must also complete my MBA project ASAP.

My seven-week program

After deciding to ditch speed runs this year (to avoid injuries), I did a few squats and calf raises this morning to test my system. My knee is much better. There is some pain in my shins but not shin splints. Feels more like a raw, stretched nerve.
I am nonetheless starting my new regimen today: run a minimum of three times a week, a minimum of 36 Kms per week. I will be doing 12Kms every session and using that to monitor my speed. Right now I do 12Km in an hour. If I can manage to do it in less than 50mins, that would be superb. Then I will be doing 21Kms every fortnight. That means I will do 21Kms on 15th, on 29th, on 13th October and on 20th October. With the 29th or 13th on tarmac. Then I taper off with a recovery run on 23rd and rest until the day - 28th October.
I want to take it easy and keep away from injuries. I want to work on my strength, stamina, comfort and confidence. I have a great feeling about it and think it will pan out quite well. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Did Speed Runs

I did some fartleks yesterday. I did not measure the distance. As someone once said, most injuries are incurred during speed training. I didnt get an injury but felt quite torn. But it feels like I was engaged in dangerous activity even though it did not drain me. You know what? F**k speed runs. I will just run my distance and try to improve gradually. I take a break today and will run on Thursday

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Break Plus Indoor Excercises

I took a break yesterday. I had a party at my place and ate the wrong foods and in wrong quantities. Today I did squats, calf raises and crunches. Something snapped in my knee and I terminated the squats and dropped the weights.
I have the knee secured in a bandage but its not worrying. Tomorrow I shall do speed runs.
My country was number two in the World Athletic Champions in Osaka so we are pretty proud and shit.

Did 21 Kms

I was supposed to do a speed run but I read somewhere that long runs also help one improve their speed. Plus, I wanted to discover my wall. It appears that as things stand, my wall is beyond 21Kms. Last year, my wall lied around the 12Kms mark.
For the uninitiated, the wall refers to the point when your glycogen is all used up and the body then has to burn fat to generate more energy. This has to be done aerobically with Oxygen and once a runner hits the wall, they experience extreme fatigue.
So anyway, I completed 21Kms in 1hr 46 Minutes. I have realized that long distances train one to deal with pain. At one time, my right knee had issues, I moved the workload to the left leg and 300m later, the problem was gone and I resumed the balance. At one point, I had some pain in my right hip. Same solution. Gone. I think it has something to do with my being right-handed and I may be overworking my right leg making it provide the drag. But I am watching it.
I have discovered that I am a glutton for distance and need to run shorter distances so that I can concentrate on working on my speed. I feel great though. Today I am on a break. I resume tomorrow. Seven weeks to go then I taper off just before the big day.