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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another 12Km and Phone gets stolen

After I had struggled through my finnishing kick after 12Kms - it took 1hr and 3mins, and backpedaling for 400m, when I approached my bag, the first thing I noticed was that my water bottle was lying outside the bag and an unfinnished Sudoku puzzle I was filling was also lying next to it.
I didnt need to be told, or even to check: my phone was stolen. And my keys too. Why would any idiot steal my keys for Pete's sake?
Anyways, the phone was a bulky Nokia 6600 (see image)that I didnt particulaly appreciate due to its bulk. Plus, I'd like to see how it will feel like to stay off the radar for a while and its a great opportunity to get a nifty phone next time I get some money. Not right now. I also need to buy a jacket plus another sweatshirt and possibly another pair of running shoes. But where is the money?
Oh, by the way, I had already recruited four guys into marathon training. Three have already dropped out due to various pains.
But I am on. I promised myself and will see myself through this. I have rested today. Tomorrow, I will cross-train with weights, being careful to avoid upsetting my left knee, which seems to be steadily getting better. Plus, I will see my supervisor tomorrow evening and have a class on Wednesday so Tuesday and Thursday I should cover 12Km each.

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