Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy week

I am in training and off the web but going on.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

52 Mins - Great week

I did 52 mins today, ending this weeks runs. I ran on hills on Sunday for 2 hours, biked on Monday and Tuesday and ran from Wednesday to Friday. I will bike again tomorrow.
I have changed my running form and moved to faster and shorter strides for speed as opposed to long strides.
I have started jumping and have increased my pushups. My weight is also dropping well. I am pretty confident I can make it to 80 Kgs by July and that would be just great. My garmin is on its way.
It has been an okay week even though my shins ache.
Today's pic doesn't have to make sense. So here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

53 mins

It went well. Wife worried about the ungodly hours and the chances of me being shot, attacked or hurt in one way or the other. I should have told her GK was once attacked by dogs and crows. The tiger is not afraid of the lion because he is aware of his own strength. Did five jumps. Incorporating plyometrics slowly.
Moses Mosop has registered for Chicago marathon in April.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Twas great. I think I am addicted to this thing. Kazi mob. Here is France's Christopher Lemaitre, the fastest white guy on the planet.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Rains Interrupt

Yesterday and today, rains interrupted my training. So I burned 1270 calories on the bike.
I am swamped by work but hope to run from tomorrow.
Here is the battle between Sean Sherk and Kenny Florian.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

53 mins

I jacked up my speed a little. Weight is going on well. I iced my shins. I think I will have another go at it tomorrow.
Here is Alistair Overeem. He will be fighting Fabricio Werdum in 2 fights. I place my bets with Overeem.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mud problem

I found the field too muddy so after 15mins, I went back home and burnt 300 calories on the bike.
Here is Bolt. I am still waiting for my garmin.

Monday, June 13, 2011

55 Mins

I am on a roll. My trousers are now beginning to hang loose and my wife telling me I am okay now. I know I have about six more Kgs to lose.
The ground wasn't so soft today so I took it easy while running but pushed myself when exercising - lunges, heel-toe walks, squats, calf raises and pushups.
Poor Carwin. This is his face after the doctor cleaned it for announcing the winner. He had a broken nose (that's why he is breathing through his mouth) and probably a broken cheekbone.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 Hour Run - on Hills

I did a 2 hour run yesterday on hills and did a 50mins recovery on the bike today, burning 530 calories. This week I hope to drop more weight. Meanwhile, Dos Santos beat carwin's face to pulp in UFC 131. Here is a pic from the fight (viewer discretion is advised).


Thursday, June 9, 2011

50 Mins

I was up at 4:50am. As usual. My legs are much better. I could have exploded but I chose to take it easy. I only sped up from 46mins to the 50th minute. I am feeling great. I have my weight where it should be and hopefully by this time next week I should be in the region of 83Kgs.
Big fight this weekend, in UFC 131, Carwin faces Dos Santos. My bets are on carwin though I wouldnt be surprised if Dos Santos wins. Carwin is a beast when you consider how he drove like a truck through the behemoth Brock lesnar and the "technical" Mir.
Here is Carwin.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Biked - Great Going

I biked for 50 mins - there was a blackout and my sleepy wife was begging me not to step outside and she talked with great concern about the dangers posed by thieves, robbers, frostbite, muggers, serial killers, dead cats, ghosts, madmen, gangsters, lions, hyenas, potholes, deranged drivers, stones, dust etc etc so I decided to indulge her.
So I stretched and did pushups and crunches and then I strapped my legs to the bike and tightened it to max tension. I decided to do better this time: for each 10mins, I would burn 100 calories. In the end, I managed to burn 502 calories in 50 mins. This is an improvement over last time, where I burnt 480 calories in 50mins.
I am beginning to respect this bike a lot. My legs feel great and tomorrow, blackout or not, I will have a thorough 50mins run.
Here is Asbel Kiprop at work.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

50 mins - Imposing My Will on My Weight

My right shin hurts. I had to ice it yesterday and today. I am watching my diet and my weight is dropping. I would really like to have another 50 mins tomorrow (shins allowing) but I enjoy some comfort in realizing that the bike is also quite effective. Here is Lel and Meb battling it out.


Monday, June 6, 2011


I biked today. It was better than the previous times. I did it for 50mins and burnt 480 calories. I dont know whether that is good or bad but I had a good workout. And its a great break for my sore legs. I ordered for my garmin yesterday and Tim Noakes' lore of running.

Meanwhile Meb beat Lel in 2011 San Diego Half marathon. Here is a pic.


2 Hour Run - Done with Groups

My weight seems to have increased last week so I was not going to miss my long run for anything. I have been having a cold and a cough so I wasn't feeling too great when I woke up. I woke up at about 6:20 because I planned to join the so-called Nike running group at Galerria Mall at 7:00am sharp.
I was tired of running on the tarmac and was eager to discover softer routes with a group even though I was concerned that 7:00am was a tad late.

At any rate, after parking I found a group of guys engaged in stretching and warm up. There were two kids aged about 5 or six years and I wondered if they could handle the distance I had in mind. Anyways, we started warming up and I was observing my buddies shapes and I could see that these were very heavy guys whose bodies are not accustomed to intensive exercise and I wondered...Plus, we were doing all these on the tarmac and I came here because I wanted nothing to do with the tarmac...

After running about a little some guys joined us and I heard some guys saying those were Hash Harriers. They joined us and we started warming up. After about 7 minutes, another group joined us. The guy who is in the best shape introduced himself and said he wanted us to get warmed up for about 20 minutes then we would work on our abs, calves etc.

20 whole minutes?!!! I screamed inside. I looked at the guys around me and two of the heavyset types were sweating profusely. Then it dawned on me!
I was with the wrong group. These were fitness enthusiasts, not runners. Where was the Nike running group? I looked around desperately.

Okay, I decided. 20 minutes already wasted. I won't waste a minute more. I have 25K to cover.
So I just told the nearest guy that I will be back and I ran off. I didnt care to find out. Even if they are the Nike or Puma running group, anyone who wants to waste my 30 mins on warming up cant work with me.

I decided to run to Karen shopping center and come back. So off I went. But after about 20 minutes I was feeling weak and my legs were heavy. Fine, I wasn't feeling so well but was it this bad? I struggled on. I resolved that since I had money in my pocket, if I got overwhelmed I would take a mat. So I soldiered on, past Hillcrest, past Karen Hospital and thats when I realized there is quite a distance between Galleria and Karen shopping center, and a bend and some inclines to cover before reaching Karen shopping center. But I wasnt so strong. Do I make a U turn after 45mins?
I wasnt going to return a half assed 1:30mins run on a Sunday morning so I soldiered on and I reached Karen Shopping Center after 45mins. I decided to go right past it to the other world. And I passed some small hills and school kids and Defense Academy until I reached some lane called Mudodo lane at 1:00:42 and I turned round.
My energy rose and fell intermittently on my way back till I reached Galleria after 2 hours then I stretched and did the other strengthening exercises.

I made a few decisions:
No more group runs for me. I will run alone. I may join groups for races, but not for exercises. I know my goals, I know my problems, I know my times, my schedule, my priorities, I know my desires, I know my weaknesses and I know my strengths and I know what to do. I dont need a group so thats the end of my dalliance with groups. We will meet at the races.

I will do slow hill runs on Sundays on a dirt pavement (for 2 hours) and do 2 hour long runs every fortnight.
This way, I will get everything I need until I am faster.

Lets see what this week brings. I did an easy 50 mins recovery run today. Here is Clay Guida after defeating Pettis in UFC 131.

Cheers guys,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

50 mins - I have a cold

I did my last 50mins for this week today. It was a slow one but it felt great because I have managed to get out there and do it four times in a row. And getting out there every day is what is needed. They say champions are made when nobody is watching so I am content with where I am. My shins are happier even though my knees are acting up. But I have upped my lunges so I expect the knees to cool down.
I have been having a cold for three days now and yesterday I had to go to hospital to get something for my cough and to clear my nostrils. So against my wife's insistence that I take a rest, I have banked my 200mins this week. My weight is not doing very well but then again, traveling always pushes it off its course.
Tomorrow I rest. Sunday I am thinking of joining the Nike running group at Galeria and hope to do 25K. If I can get dusty routes, that would be excellent.
Here is Jeter. What, you dont know her? You should.

Problems with Shipping from Amazon

I did 50 mins today and yesterday. And I will do another 50mins tomorrow. Now I want to buy a Garmin from Amazon but they all say against the products: "This item cannot be shipped to the address you selected. (Learn more.) You may either change the shipping address or remove the item by clicking Delete."

I don't know what to do now.