Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Training day 23, 24 - Been Running on Fumes

15K and 17K.
Today I went for a 17K on the bypass. It was a struggle. But I did it. I had energy, but my legs were shredded like fuck.
I have realized one thing: I have been running on fumes.
From the end of October to this week, I have been running 3 times a week: 27K on Sunday, a 10K on Tuesday and speed runs on Thursdays.
It all feel apart three weeks ago after I had been off training for 10 days due to a hamstring injury. From then, I have seen my performance deteriorate, the 27K become a soul-destroying run and my 10K times get slower. Most of all, painful, heavy, cramped, tight legs.
What this means to me, now, is that, my mileage has been too low and the only thing that has kept me going in Nov and Dec has been the weekly mileages I used to do before Stanchart Marathon. These are the fumes I have been running on.
And my recent struggles have been testimony that I have run out of the fumes and I am deteriorating to a new unfitness level.
So, after XMas, I decided to put aside speed runs and concentrate on mileage. I have completed week one with:
That is from 27+10+6=43 Kms.
My right knee is acting funny so I have it under pressure. Can I do 90K next week? Hmmmmm....Lets see...
Meanwhile, Overeem retired Lesnar in UFC 141 last night.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Training Day 20,21,22

After Xmas.
18K, 13K and 15K.
I am focusing on volume and will come back to speed when my legs are up to it. Right now, the back of my knees feel tight.

Friday, December 23, 2011

2012 Training Day 19: 9 x 400m

I did go for my speed runs amidst the mad Christmas rush. My god! aren't my legs trashed! aches all over! But I am happy because I improved. I can feel my legs engaging hitherto idle muscles and they are sore as hell. I will lay off speed runs for a week now then resume after the Christmas week. Here is the shit that went down:
400m_________1:34.38___15.3 km/h
400m_________1:28.98___16.2 km/h
400m_________1:27.93___16.4 km/h
400m_________1:28.56___16.3 km/h
400m_________1:32.98___15.5 km/h
400m_________1:27.74___16.4 km/h
400m_________1:28.14___16.3 km/h
400m_________1:26.17___16.7 km/h
400m_________1:25.80___16.8 km/h

Compare this to last week's performance:
Distance__Time___Avg Speed


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2012 Training Day 18: 10K in 48:04

I was still having sore muscles from the 27K. I tried and returned a 48:08. Its an improvement from last week's 10K but I am concerned. Is it my weight? Too little mileage? Or am I trying too hard?
I dont know. Let XMas slide by then we can focus better. Damn.
This is Galen Rupp - easily gonna be America's best long-distance runner within the next three years. No, he is not trying to look like a Ninja on the track or an oxygen mask. That mask is for protecting him from pollen or some other such shit that he is allergic to.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012 Training Day 17: 27K

I went for the 27K. It was hard because it had rained the previous night so there was slipperiness to contend with and heavy, mud-loaded shoes.
My time was atrocious and at the end I felt trashed and sore. I still do. Damn. But its the nature of the beast.

Friday, December 16, 2011

2012 Training Day 16: 9 x 400M intervals

I did 400m intervals yesterday. They are both harder and easier than 200m runs. Harder because they need more effort. Easier because they are slower (than 200m). Better because I have less chances of getting an injury.
Being a perfect mix of aerobic and anaerobic runs, they are perfect for me.

This is what I managed:
Distance__Time___Avg Speed

What I need is 1:07 for each 400m so I have about 20 seconds to shave off. I believe I can.
What I need is to be patient and to be consistent and to cut a little weight. I need to do 10 then 12 then 15 then 18 then 20x400m and I will be set! Irrespective of the speed. So number of intervals is a priority.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2012 Training Day 15: 10K in 48:48

I did a 10K yesterday. I struggled and my body ached afterwards. It really seems my fitness fell off quite a bit but I am just grateful I am healed now and can resume training. Shit happened so fast.
Its amazing how fast I piled on weight!
I will certainly be doing 400m repeats for speed. Once I feel better, I can throw in some occasional 200m so  long as I dont go 100%. I need to learn to drift.
I also learnt one huge thing yesterday! My left leg does a lot of work! And its no wonder that its the one that has been injured twice! And when I began running anticlockwise, it was easier! Here are ladies at work!

Monday, December 12, 2011

2012 Training Day 13 & 14: I Yam Back 27K and 10K

I did a recovery 10K on Friday that was slow but gave me the assurance I needed to know I am healed. Then I did a 27K on Sunday that made me realize I am truly off form. I had to walk after 23K. Its okay though. I am back and ready to continue with my quest. I have added a good 3Kgs.
Today I will do a 10K to test how far off I have fallen off from where I had reached two weeks ago.
Here is Kawauchi. An Inspiration to all amateur marathoners like myself.
War is good, all the time. All the time, war is good.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It hurts not to be able to Run - Punishment for greed and Inexperience

Yes, hamstring is better but not yet. I can run slowly but there is still some pain. Fuck!
Maybe I should just make this injury my last speed-related injury. Ever.
The not-running is even more painful than the injury. Damn!
In my crippled, recuperating state, I am reading lots about intervals and speed training and I am getting closer to settling on 1Km repeats.
My only problem is whether they will be sufficient to reach my VO2Max and how to run them. And whether they will fire up my fast-twitch muscles sufficiently.
Are 400m repeats too short? Hmmm...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hamstring Healing well

I still have a slight pain but by tomorrow I should be good to go though I will probably wait till wednesday. The good thing about an injury like this is that it forces you to take a break. While it is healing, other repairs take place elsewhere (shins, knees etc) and the glycogen tanks get filled. So its a win win.
And you get some fucking perspective. I am reading Michael Focault's Discipline and Punish.
Here is Pettis, Sonnen and buddies hanging out.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

2012 Training Day 12: Hamstring Pull

I should have seen it.

It had rained. But I had decided that if it was really bad, I would decide on the pitch. When I reached the pitch, it was bad, but not too bad.

So I warmed up for 2Kms then stretched. On recollection, I did stretch my hamstrings, but maybe I didn't stretch them enough.

I did the first 200m. 38 seconds. Too slow. What is happening? I didn't feel strong. I walked and recovered. Then I gave it another go. 38 seconds. Gosh. Am I overdoing this? Am I over-trained? Why dont I feel strong? Yes the pitch is wet and I have to slow down when taking the two corners but 38s?

It started drizzling. This wasn't working. Should I bag it and go home?

I decided to give it one more try.

After 40 meters, my hamstring pulled. If you dont know how a hamstring pull feels like, thank your God.

So, the massive jolt of pain that accompanies a hamstring pull ate right into my leg like fangs from a huge cat. I braked instantly and knew that the workout was over.

And so I am off for at least four days. If I am lucky I may run again on Tuesday.

What have I learnt?

1. Speed runs weekly may not be good for me. I will be doing them fortnightly from this day forward. Follow each hard week with an easy week. It is during the easy week that you improve.

2. Whereas 200m was good and beneficial and challenging to me, it was tempting me to run too fast (all out) and thereby increasing my chances of getting injured. But it was safer than 100m. So from this day forward, I switch to 400m repeats.

3. My hamstrings are weak(er than my quads) - I need to do something about that.

4. I am fast and I can be very fast. But in order to achieve my potential as a fast marathoner, speed runs are an integral part of my training.

5. Speed runs are fun! They add variety to my training and in fact, I find them to be like strength training. No wonder Wanjiru said you dont need weight training. Speed runs are weight training!

So now I limp, reflect, get wiser, rest and recover. On another note, man, its so good to start training early! Now I am injured but not worried about the setback. No pressure. I back the fuck up as required then I make my move again without any rush. Beautiful shit. I have just wrapped a bandage on it. I would have been hussling myself to ice it, raise it, massage it, get NSAIDs etc. But I am cool and I accept that pain is weakness leaving the body and the one who gets injured is the one who gets healed, stronger and wiser.