Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I ran 8.5kms today - between 5.19 and 6.05am. The street lights werent working in a 4Kms stretch. I ended up twisting my ankle. I can walk but thers is a nagging pain somewhere deep in the bones. I hope I will be fine tomorrow. Yesterday, I confirmed that I had lost 14 Kgs between May and June 30th. So I now weigh 78Kgs. My BMI is 23 and so I am no longer overweight.
I was asked by someone what My secret was. This is what I posted:
1. Cut back on the quantities you eat at night especially. Gradually.
2. Cut back the quantities of what you eat generally. Again gradually. Especially carbohydrates.
3. Cut out processed foods with no fibre - like pancakes, white bread, doughnuts and so on and replace them with carbs with fibre like boiled maize, nuts, potatoes and so on. These will take longer to digest, will therefore stay in your stomach longer, make you feel full longer and as a result you will eat less.
4. Cut back on sugar. Use honey as a sweetener if you have to. Sodas and other sugary drinks are out. No negotiation. If you have to take a sweet drink, take fresh juice.
5. Cut down carb intake while equivalently increasing protein and fruits intake. You already have fat to burn plus you need more muscle (muscles are fat-burning machines) so you need proteins to help build them. Let your body learn to burn fat to generate its blood sugar.
6. Eat less food more frequently like have five small meals per day rather than three huge ones. This will increase your metabolic rate by encouraging fat-burning.
7. Watch your excercise routine. Increase speed, repetitions, duration (watch the limits) or weights every week. Always IMPROVE something about your excercise routine. I did 130 crunches at a go today while in May I couldnt do more than 50.ALWAYS remember that there is a next level for you to reach. Strive to reach it.
8. Set yourself small goals per short durations like weekly or daily. The real work gets done in the short term not in the long term.
9. Every day is an opportunity to move forward with your goals. Dont go back to sleep, the morning breeze has something to tell you every day.
10. Avoid eating a full plate. But if you have been served a full plate, dont be shy to leave your plate full. Its not a waste. Remember, that even if you eat it, you will still have to shit it out (some of it anyways) so you dont exactly save anything by eating more.
11. Work not more than three body parts per day. Use weights to save time. For example, instead of doing 100 crunches, hold 15Kg weights behind your neck and do 30. These also help with squats, calf raises etc.
12. Rest at least one day out of seven days and dont rest for more than three days per week. Unless you have an injury. Each workout should take between 40 mins and 90 mins.
13. Include running in your routine. Keep going. Just keep going.

My next goals are to be able to run 5Kms under 20 minutes and to have a chiseled body.

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