Tuesday, August 31, 2010

40 Mins ... Struggling

I am feeling more tired and my muscle soreness seems to take longer and I lack the spark. I am also sluggish and I lack the drive, the passion and I feel like someone is clinging on my back. But I tore through all that and got up today and pushed myself through 40 minutes of running/ I was better and negative splitted.

I registered for Mwea Marathon see mweaclassicmarathon.com. Todays eye candy is Rudisha who I couldnt upload yesterday.

Am Back - 18.4Kms LSR

I went for a LSR yesterday and covered 18.4 Kms in 2 Hours. Not very good and not very bad. I am going on. I have dropped to 81Kgs now.
Meanwhile, Rudisha broke the 800m world record again. Within a week.

 Rudisha’s timewas exactly one second faster than his winning time last year on the Rieti track which was an African record at the time, and further buried the memory of Wilson Kipketer’s 1:41.11, a World record which had withstood all assaults until last week.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ana 40 Mins

This was slower but faster than yesterday. I did a negative split and met several runners. Too much at work and lots to do. Today I give you Kara from a Runners world Pic.


Monday, August 16, 2010

40 Mins

I went for a 40 mins tempo. Much better. Meanwhile, in Falmouth, USA - Ethiopians Gebre Gebremariam and Wude Ayalew Yimer cruised to victories over the seven-mile oceanside course at the 38th Cigma Falmouth Road Race on Sunday (15).

Running stride for stride down the final hill, 25-year-old Gebremariam crossed the finish line in 32:20, one second ahead of another 25-year-old, Wilson Kwambai Chebet of Kenya. Gebremariam, who won the Beach to Beacon race in Maine a week ago, was well off the course record of 31:08 set by Gilbert Okari of Kenya in 2004, but he tallied his second win in two weeks along with his Peachtree 10k triumph in July.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Still Trudging On...

I went for a 2 hour LSR yesterday. My energy has gone to hell.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Another one

Did 40 mins again today. I was stronger and legs felt less spindly so I went further. A trip will mess up my training next week but oh well...

Boxing vs MMA will have their time in UFC 118. Legend James Toney (below) will face Randy Couture in UFC 118. Toney's ass will be whupped.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spindly Legs, Low Energy

I am deflated. Sort of. The urge to push the pace has deserted me. So I am in a sort of valley but I have decided to keep running in that valley until things normalize in my system.
I was up today and I ran for 40 mins. I only felt normal after 6Kms. But its cool. At least I am running and cutting some weight. Maybe its the weight loss thingy.
My legs feel weak when I am running but they are actually strong when I work them out. Tomorrow ana 40 mins then I rest on Sato.
Below, Veronica Campbell-Brown beats Shelly-Ann Fraser and Carmelita Jeter in the 100m at the Prefontaine Classic

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recovery Run

I rested on Monday but rested again yesterday because my legs felt spindly (for lack of a better term) and stiff. So I went for an easy one today and I will see how they are tomorrow. If they feel strong and the lactic acid has been washed away, I will go for a hard one (a tempo run). Meanwhile, I am losing weight now and will keep doing so for August.
Today I give you sprinter Allyson Felix

Sunday, August 8, 2010

2 Hours LSR Sonen and Bolt lose

I went for 120 mins of LSR. Since I missed my LSR last weekend, I took this one carefully and went through it. The 4Km gentle hill from TMall to the Bypass forced me to dig deep and ensure proper form.
Meanwhile, Bolt lose to Tyso Gay. His first defeat in 2 years. In their first meeting in nearly a year – and just their third 100m head-to-head ever - history’s two fastest men lined up side-by-side, two brick red lanes in Stockholm’s historic 1912 Olympic Stadium which were the focus on this night of much the sporting world. And in the end it wasn’t even close, with the American record holder powering to a 9.84 meeting record leaving the Jamaican well back and heaving in his wake.
 The MMA world was shocked when Sonnen dominated A Silva for 4 rounds before the latter got him in a triangle choke in round 5, forcing him to tap out. They both won $60K bonus for fight of the night in UFC 117.
The NCAA Division I All-American wrestler bettered Anderson Silva even in a standing contest and after securing his take-downs 'The Spider' looked like a fish out of water off his back, taking numerous strikes and struggling to improve his position.
Twenty minutes into their epic encounter and Sonnen had decisively won four straight rounds and looked as if the middleweight title was as good as his, but one mistake cost him his moment of glory as Silva threw his legs in the air to secure a triangle choke, retain his gold and shatter the dreams of Sonnen.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Taking it easy

Lactic acid seems to have decided that my legs make the best storage area for them so I am sorta sore. But I am not injured. So I am taking it easy. I went for an easy run today. My wife cant believe how determined I am. My current inspiration is trash-talking American MMA fighter Chael Sonnen who is a middleweight fighting champ Anderson Silva on August 7th.
Here is Chael Sonnen at some weigh in.

 On Sunday I go for 2 hours LSR.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Easy One

I voted yesterday and went to visit a colleague who had got a baby 2 months ago. Here is me and my sweetheart holding the baby.

I went for an easy one today. It was quite fast for an easy one but I want to slow down things a bit then pick up the intensity again next week.
 With my sweetheart and Joy relaxing at home.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Easy one

I went for an easy one today. Tomorrow I vote YES! My muscles ache yawa!
Here is Merga winning with a new 1:02:31 course record at the Bogota International Half Marathon on Sunday.

Busy weekend

I didn't run on Sato and Sunday because I held a housewarming and had guests to take care of. Meanwhile Kenya won the African Athletics Championships held at Nyayo Stadium. We lost 10K women to Ethiopia's Dibaba. but won 5k for both Men and Women. Rudisha won 800m in 1:42

Meanwhile, there is a new sensation in the sprints from France. he is only 20 but is holding the European record with 9:98 seconds for 100m. His name? Christophe Lemaitre. He bulks up a little and improves his start and Bolt is in trouble. he has already kicked Chamber's ass.
Kip, my chess teacher, came for the housewarming and still kicked my ass. But my opening was better. His game is fluid but he is still weak positionally and strategically. He beat me in tactics. But I am encouraged because I beat him in 1 out of the 5 games we played. I am sure I can beat him by the end of the year.
 Below, the author contemplates the chess pieces carefully. Looking for a weakness to exploit.
 Below Kip is keenly watching and calculating to ensure I dont make any inroads.

Here I am with wifey, victor and Irene.
 Below: Aaaaahh.....What Do I do now?

I may miss Ndakaini if it is on 18th Sept because I have a wedding I cannot miss on that date. Damn!
I ran today. A hard tempo run. I have improved brothers. Oh yes, I have.
No break this week. Pushing and pushing. Working and working. 
Below I try my hand at magic. I make a horrible mistake and the audience have a clue. Damn! I broke the first rule of magic: Rehearse first. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Like an idiot, I did it before rehearsing. Bloody hell.