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Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy weekend

I didn't run on Sato and Sunday because I held a housewarming and had guests to take care of. Meanwhile Kenya won the African Athletics Championships held at Nyayo Stadium. We lost 10K women to Ethiopia's Dibaba. but won 5k for both Men and Women. Rudisha won 800m in 1:42

Meanwhile, there is a new sensation in the sprints from France. he is only 20 but is holding the European record with 9:98 seconds for 100m. His name? Christophe Lemaitre. He bulks up a little and improves his start and Bolt is in trouble. he has already kicked Chamber's ass.
Kip, my chess teacher, came for the housewarming and still kicked my ass. But my opening was better. His game is fluid but he is still weak positionally and strategically. He beat me in tactics. But I am encouraged because I beat him in 1 out of the 5 games we played. I am sure I can beat him by the end of the year.
 Below, the author contemplates the chess pieces carefully. Looking for a weakness to exploit.
 Below Kip is keenly watching and calculating to ensure I dont make any inroads.

Here I am with wifey, victor and Irene.
 Below: Aaaaahh.....What Do I do now?

I may miss Ndakaini if it is on 18th Sept because I have a wedding I cannot miss on that date. Damn!
I ran today. A hard tempo run. I have improved brothers. Oh yes, I have.
No break this week. Pushing and pushing. Working and working. 
Below I try my hand at magic. I make a horrible mistake and the audience have a clue. Damn! I broke the first rule of magic: Rehearse first. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Like an idiot, I did it before rehearsing. Bloody hell.


Abraham said...

Interesting. I think I spotted the mistake. Gotta learn that one!

Jacob Aliet said...

Yeah. You think you know the trick? It's a great one. I have just re-looked at the video and I cant help laughing at the comments from the awed audience:
Eh??? Wait! Wait!
Ei sweetie!??