Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yesterday I did 16K (40 laps). My legs feel pretty banged up (sore) but I am okay. I have a feeling I should take a few days off coz I may be tottering on the brink of injury.
I will listen to my body and decide.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

14K on the Track

I did 14k on the track yesterday. That is 35 Laps. My injuries have definitely healed. I have some soreness on my shins but I am not worried. Tomorrow I will do 16K (40 laps) then on Friday I will start speed runs.
There were guys who were doing 70 sec 400m runs at the field yesterday. I will probably join them. My weight is 79 Kgs. I wouldn't exactly mind shedding some 3 Kgs though its not a big deal. I am building up volume and strength (speed).
I want to work my lactate threshold upwards for the next several weeks until I can do a Km in 3mins

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Goin' on well. Today I am goin' for 30 laps. So far everything is fine. I have been holding myself back but I let myself go in the 26th lap on Wednesday. Still finnishing off with push ups, crunches and one-legged hops. Will start pylometric exercises mid April.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I am back - 20 laps.

I am back. Resolute, Deliberate and Relentless. I think my body is fully healed so the next five months are for moving to the next level. I will be slow and focused. As they say, impatience is a sign of lack of focus. So patience is my shield against injuries.

I started with 20 laps yesterday. Slow ones for checking my system. Then I stretched and did 35 push ups, several crunches, one-legged hops and other miscellaneous exercises.
Its good to be back. I will probably lose some 3Kgs or so. I haven't blown my weight and that alone means this is a year of breaking boundaries and reaching new heights in my running. Recall that last year I started with about 90Kgs. This year I am starting with 79Kgs.

Lets see how it goes. 25 laps scheduled for wednesday. Cheers.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Surture off. Two more days to go

My suture was removed yesterday. Leg is healing quite well. What remains now is for me to enjoy my valentines tomorrow. Then from Monday chop wood and carry water. Be a good student, keep the faith and prepare for Lewa marathon which will be on May 27th 2009.
Happy Valentines for the brave and lucky ones.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Leg Getting Better

Today I went to get my dressing changed. They tested with menthylated spirit to check whether the would has healed. Since it didn't sting, the doc said it was healing well. It was actually just one stitch for connecting the cut artery.
The threads come off on Thursday. The doc explained that they didn't use flesh absorbent threads because they are used for internal surtures. External surtures like mine (where an artery needs to be closed) cant use them well coz once the body starts absorbing the thread, it can get cut, leaving the wound open. And they needed the wound secured with a thread
I have added some weight over the last two weeks. Not too worried though. Since I am now positive my knee is healed, I start kicking ass after Valentine. No lookin' back.
I also observed a lot of assholery when I got my leg injured. People really like to make one's business their business. My leg had a cut artery and since it got cut at a point where my open shoes leather strap loops, I wore sandals.
Picture this conversation:

"Hi, why are you in Sandals?"

"I got my leg injured..."

"You shouldn't wear sandals to the office" Note that the airhead talking is not HR, neither are they fashion police. In actual fact, they have a bad hairday and the clothes fit on them like a sack. Yet their sole concern is that I am wearing slippers.

"I know but my open shoes would have injured me where I am wounded."

"You should have bought other open shoes. There are different types of open shoes. Slippers are not nice"

At this point I kept quiet. What is striking is that these idiotic comments came from ladies. I found it so stupid that someone would think I can spend my money to buy open shoes to make THEM comfortable. They don't care about whether my leg is bleeding, missing or rotting. Just get them open shoes so that they are happy.

At any rate, after the wound got dressed, I have been in open shoes. Why do people think their opinion is so important?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Out again - Case of the Cup Attack

Yesternight, I was just minding my own business and making myself a nice cup of tea (I was probably humming the "Bodaboda" song under my breath). I wanted to watch the latest episode of 24, where Jack Bauer has handed over the Prime minister of some obscure country to some terrorists and now wants to retrieve him. And I am busy preparing ginger tea on the kitchen table. All of a sudden, the cup decides it wants to practice walking and it lands on my leg, which moves reflexively on its path to avoid it breaking. It falls on my leg with the knife I was using to cut fresh ginger. It breaks apart neatly in three pieces upon making contact with the floor, with the knife next to the pieces, like a silent witness.

I notice two red stripes running along my leg like ribbons and note mentally that they emerged in light speed without me seeing them making their way. Before I can figure out whether to pick another cup and continue making tea or picking the broken pieces off the floor, there is a pool of blood around my leg. This dark crimson pool is widening fast and silently. I spend the next twenty minutes stopping the bleeding and avoiding painting the entire kitchen floor red. When I was gazing incredulously at the gaping wound and the blood rushing out, my brother cleaned the mess. The other cups in the tray looked harmless, inanimate. Was it the knife? Methinks it was the enamel cup.

To cut the long story short, I had an open blood vessel and they stitched me like a rug today. Stitch comes out after 7 days so I am out again for 7 days. Fuck!

If I was married, this would probably not have happened. What do you think? Or I just say NO to tea?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Simple Weight Loss Guide

This is a 30 page e-book full of ideas that can help with weight loss. Its a good book. Available online for free.
Have a look at it and decide for yourself.

Remember that my e-book, This is How you Lose your weight and keep it off, is also available online.

15 Laps - Still Good

I did 15 easy laps yesterday. Things are still pretty good with my knees. I also Did several push ups, crunches and other exercises for my core strength. I feel pretty good actually. But then I dropped a heavy enamel cup on my leg. It opened a hole that I think had a blood vessel coz it bled like hell. I managed to stem the bleeding and now I am in slippers and will be going to the clinic to have it looked at.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Am Back... Easing In

I eased back in with an easy 10 laps which I ran with some colleagues. The problematic knee didn't squeak, which is good. And it feels fine even today. It was difficult to not add another ten laps because I barely perspired and had tons of unused energy. But I am a soldier who knows you can win a battle and lose the war. And the war is more important. After the run, we did crunches, pressups and some lateral movements for core strength.
Things are looking good. According to my plan, tomorrow I will do 15 laps so 15 laps it will be tomorrow. I am holding myself on a leash but it has to be done lest I screw up my training this year, for all I know, we could be in a race in a months time. So no more screw-ups. Next week I will still be easing in but may start speed work by Friday. Then pylometrics in the third week of Feb.