Monday, February 16, 2009

I am back - 20 laps.

I am back. Resolute, Deliberate and Relentless. I think my body is fully healed so the next five months are for moving to the next level. I will be slow and focused. As they say, impatience is a sign of lack of focus. So patience is my shield against injuries.

I started with 20 laps yesterday. Slow ones for checking my system. Then I stretched and did 35 push ups, several crunches, one-legged hops and other miscellaneous exercises.
Its good to be back. I will probably lose some 3Kgs or so. I haven't blown my weight and that alone means this is a year of breaking boundaries and reaching new heights in my running. Recall that last year I started with about 90Kgs. This year I am starting with 79Kgs.

Lets see how it goes. 25 laps scheduled for wednesday. Cheers.

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