Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Am Back... Easing In

I eased back in with an easy 10 laps which I ran with some colleagues. The problematic knee didn't squeak, which is good. And it feels fine even today. It was difficult to not add another ten laps because I barely perspired and had tons of unused energy. But I am a soldier who knows you can win a battle and lose the war. And the war is more important. After the run, we did crunches, pressups and some lateral movements for core strength.
Things are looking good. According to my plan, tomorrow I will do 15 laps so 15 laps it will be tomorrow. I am holding myself on a leash but it has to be done lest I screw up my training this year, for all I know, we could be in a race in a months time. So no more screw-ups. Next week I will still be easing in but may start speed work by Friday. Then pylometrics in the third week of Feb.

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