Monday, February 9, 2009

Leg Getting Better

Today I went to get my dressing changed. They tested with menthylated spirit to check whether the would has healed. Since it didn't sting, the doc said it was healing well. It was actually just one stitch for connecting the cut artery.
The threads come off on Thursday. The doc explained that they didn't use flesh absorbent threads because they are used for internal surtures. External surtures like mine (where an artery needs to be closed) cant use them well coz once the body starts absorbing the thread, it can get cut, leaving the wound open. And they needed the wound secured with a thread
I have added some weight over the last two weeks. Not too worried though. Since I am now positive my knee is healed, I start kicking ass after Valentine. No lookin' back.
I also observed a lot of assholery when I got my leg injured. People really like to make one's business their business. My leg had a cut artery and since it got cut at a point where my open shoes leather strap loops, I wore sandals.
Picture this conversation:

"Hi, why are you in Sandals?"

"I got my leg injured..."

"You shouldn't wear sandals to the office" Note that the airhead talking is not HR, neither are they fashion police. In actual fact, they have a bad hairday and the clothes fit on them like a sack. Yet their sole concern is that I am wearing slippers.

"I know but my open shoes would have injured me where I am wounded."

"You should have bought other open shoes. There are different types of open shoes. Slippers are not nice"

At this point I kept quiet. What is striking is that these idiotic comments came from ladies. I found it so stupid that someone would think I can spend my money to buy open shoes to make THEM comfortable. They don't care about whether my leg is bleeding, missing or rotting. Just get them open shoes so that they are happy.

At any rate, after the wound got dressed, I have been in open shoes. Why do people think their opinion is so important?

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