Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Knee Better

My knee is much better today and I have a good feeling about its recovery. Today I will do a 70 mins run with speed runs (fartleks) starting after 50 mins of tempo running.
And hey, I just found a video of Kimbo Slice losing a streetfight - his only loss in a streetfight - to a Boston Police officer called Sean Gannon see link below if you want to know what "tough" and "guts" means. And it appears Kimbo lost to Roy Nelson in TUF in what was a slumber fight: Nelson lay his fat belly on Kimbo and Herb Dean called the fight, a decision I understand even Dana white didn't approve of.

Here is Germany's Irina Mikitenko who is leading the women in 2008-2009 World Marathon Majors. In November 2008 Irina Mikitenko became the first non-African winner of a World Marathon Majors (WMM) Series. She took the second series 2007-2008 with her first three marathons of her career – a novelty in the sport. Together with Kenya’s Martin Lel Irina Mikitenko shared a jackpot of one million US-Dollar. It is the highest prize money ever earned by a German athlete.

In 2009 Irina Mikitenko continued her series of superb marathon races: She defended her titel at the Flora London Marathon in April, dominating the best quality city marathon of the year. Among others she left behind the Olympic Champion Constantina Dita (Romania) as well as World Champion Catherine Ndereba (Kenya) and clocked a world lead of 2:22:11.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Hour - knee better

Yesterday, my knee was really painful. The left knee. So painful that I was contemplating not running. Many thoughts crossed my mind as I moved from one meeting to the next. From the idea of accepting that I wont run the marathon this year to the thought of stopping to train now and going to the marathon in whatever shape I will be 4 weeks from now.
But I thought to myself that I have run through injuries before. And recovered. I thought I have run so many Kilometers on the tarmac, especially in May and June this year that that could not have gone to waste: my body must be stronger - the other muscles surely must protect my knees?
I thought there have been so many times I have started running whilst in pain only for the pain to go away and disappear after the run. I thought I am running on a soft track and how worse can it be?
So I said, fuckit and I went to the field. I decided that since its the left leg, maybe its because of running clockwise around the pitch and the leg probably is more strained because of the sharp corners it has to initate.
So I decided to run anticlockwise. And boy, didn't I own the track!
I enjoyed the run and after 50 minutes started fartleks again, this time, faster and more confident compared to yesterday. I also discovered my pace. I realized that so many times, I run but with a pause between the steps, some microseconds of pause. My new pace is delivering the leg turnover fluidly and without any pause, either mentally or physically, so that the legs alternate and swing like a wheel.
I love it.
Because of the speed runs, my lower legs, which do the pushing, are now sore but I am happy for that. Plus I have lost 500 grams.
I iced my knee yesterday and did 200 leg extensions. My quads will be stronger and my knee will get better.
Today I rest. Tomorrow, probably another hour.
Today I give you Constantina Dita who is one of the most successful Romanian athletes of all-time. She is currently the Romanian national road record holder for the 5K, 10K, 15K, Half Marathon and the Marathon.
I admire her because of what she has accomplished at her age and for bearing the weight of holding the mantle for Romania all by herself.

The highlight of her career came at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games marathon. After running with the pack through a conservative first half, she broke away and no one chased after her. Dita continued to accelerate the pace and she went on to claim the Olympic gold by 22 seconds. At the age of 38 her unexpected triumph made her not just the oldest Olympic marathon champion ever, male or female, but the oldest Olympic marathon medalist.


Monday, September 28, 2009

1Hr Run

My knees are not yet okay. The left knee is worse. I am convinced its not my shoes or my running form: its my quads. I stopped doing squats a long time ago.
Plus, every time I do leg extensions, the pain reduces. So now I have taken to doing leg extensions every morning.
Yesterday I left job early somewhat and gave an hour. I just concentrated on good form then did some fartleks towards the end of the run. I did it on a field. Alone. I really need to avoid hard surfaces now. But I will probably go for a 12K with some hills today. Then I rest tomorrow.
I hope my knees don't kill me today.

Geb, Gharib and Tergat once again square off in a race.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Push Begins

I traveled over the weekend and wasn't able to work out. I am back and today I start working out for my last four weeks to the stanchart Marathon and I start with a slow 10K today. This week I should cover 54Kms. My knees will be observed closely and my quads strengthened.

Today I give you Tsegay Kebede.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

One last easy run before uppin the ante...

I will try and go for an hours run today then I travel tomorrow. It means I wont run for the next two days so I have to run today.
I suspect that weak quads may have something to do with my knee injuries so today I start working on my quads every time I get the opportunity.
My sweet wife is worried about my safety wrt morning runs so they are off for a while but will do a 24K run on 3rd/4th October with Bonnie.
Right now my only problem is stiff and somewhat sore knees. So quads, this is your wake up call.

Behold, three mangods, battling for first place position in the Olympics. Carefully observe the intent, concentration, exertion and determination etched in their human faces.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

45 Mins run

Yesterday I was really, really busy. I had meetings and so much work to do at the office. I had to leave early because I had a meeting at 5:30pm and when I went to change at the car, there was a bunch of women standing in such a way that I had no privacy so I ran with my official trousers to the filed 15 minutes away and changed at the field then ran for some 20 minutes and ran back to the car. The good thing is that there was a six minute hill on my way which I climbed.
My knees are not injured but are sore and stiff and annoying the uncomprehending hell out of me.
Today I take a break and tomorrow I run for an hour. Today I give you Kara.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

30 mins easy run

I did some 32 mins of easy run yesterday on the track. I will try and go for a 45 mins run today on a hill. I am still not sure about my knee yet but I want to ease in back to training and avoid upsetting it or eliciting a recurrence of the injury. This week I want to take it easy then from next week and for the next three weeks, I can up the ante.
Dont wanna do anything that can jeopardize me missing the 2009 Stanchart Marathon.

Guess who the ground kisser is. Or is he a pushup junkie?

Monday, September 21, 2009

I am back - hope my knee is okay

Today I start my last leg of training this year. I have rested for 9 days and I hope my knee is now okay. I will only know after I have worked out. I will do an easy 6K today. Slow and easy.
Then tomorrow 8K etc etc. I need to shed at least 4Kgs by August 22nd.
My running mates went to Ndakaini half marathon over the weekend and performed quite well with Sikuku clearing that hilly route in 1:47 and GK in 1:10. Ogutu struggled and managed in 3 hours. I bet his body has a story to tell. We have work to do. Lots of work to do if we are to clear 21K in 1:30.
The Berlin marathon was a disappointment after the runners failed to come close to a world record and the UFC 103 had several surprises, including Rich Franklin losing to Vitor Belfort. I am just not sure Belfort will be a match for Anderson Silva.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I will Miss Ndakaini - Damn!

My knee is okay and will be 98% by Sato and I was planning to run. But duty calls. I have to travel to Msa tonite and will be working through Sato and Sunday on an urgent task. Too damn bad.
Ndakaini starts late, between 10 and 11am and one can still make it with public means. Ogutu can Hook up with GK or with kina Sikuku (if they can get a car) and go together.
Since my good employer has spared me the torture of the grueling hills, I can enjoy the luxury of making some predictions:

Ogutu: 2:40
Kamau: 2:20
Sikuku: 1:48
GK: 1:50
Chiku: 2:20
Kariuki does 10K in 1:15

God probably exists and in his peerless wisdom has saved me from the grim prospect of grinding my bad knee to pulp on the Ndakaini hellish hills in my endeavour to do a sub 2 hr Ndakaini half marathon. Through his omnipotent ways, he has quickly nudged my employer to stand in my way to self destruction because he knows I lack the mettle to hold myself back from a race even when my knee has gone to hell.

If I could hobble to Ndakaini with my camera, I would probably stand at the top of the third hill at about the 17th Km with the following poster held high up:

Good luck guys and sms me your times after the race. Msikuwe last this time. You can post your detailed race report on my blog if you need a space.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

23K in 1:47 and Kitwara takes 2009 Rotterdam Half Marathon

We went for the Mwea Classic Half Marathon on Saturday with colleagues. I made the mistake of taking uji and water about 30 mins to the race and paid for it with stitches.
Mwea is flat and dry. Its a rice-growing area so about 80% of the race was ran in the rice fields. The turnout was quite good. The price money was peanuts even though elite athletes showed up. We started off on schedule at about 10am.
The first 300 meters were pure dust and I had to resign myself to the absolute dust storm caused by the stampede and breath in the dust in lungfuls. Lungfuls of dust. Quietly consider how it feels to inhale a gallon of fine dust. After the dust abated, we burst into the rice fields. I hope the hair in my nose and the mucus in my breathing system were able to handle the dosage of dust.
There were plenty of locals lined up on the roads and plenty of them were also participating. We started quite fast and closed 5K in about 22:30 and 10K in about 44:55. I was running with Nderitu because Sikuku started off too fast for us. I picked up my pace after 10K and at about 11K, we saw Sikuku and sped up, passing him at 13K. Then a stitch hit my left side. I pressed it with my left hand and it disappeared after about 1Km and then it hit my right side and I pressed it with my right hand and it disappeared after about 1.5Km and then I was free. By that time however, my breathing had changed and I had lost my pace. I soldiered on and hit the tarmac at about 18Kms. My knee was wailing for a while but there was no time for pain. Barefoot runners were several.
My energy was not bad, the race was just fast and very long. My right knee is now aching and my quads also have some lactic acid issues but overall, we ran a good and strong race and gave about 90%.
At this point I am not sure if I will be able to run Ndakaini half Marathon next Saturday but lets see what the week brings up. I hope my knee gets better enough for me to do a recovery run tomorrow and a 12K on Wednesday then I wait for Sato.
At the end, I finished in 1:47, Sikuku in 1:54, Nderitu in 1:56 and Kamau in 2:06 and collected a bag of rice. Our CEO also did the 9K run and finished though he walked some distance. His body must be squealing right now.

Sammy Kitwara was racing in the 2009 Rotterdam half and finnished first in 58:58 with Kenyans taking the first 10 places. Wanjiru came in 9th 19th 1:01. writes:
Behind Kitwara two other Kenyans, Jonathan Maiyo and James Kwambai, battled it out for second with Maiyo prevailing in 59:08. Kwambai, who finished second in a thrilling finish in the Rotterdam marathon on 5 April where he clocked 2:04:27 just behind winner Duncan Kibet who was credited with the same time, took third place in 59:09.

Led by pacemaker Silas Kiplagat, a training companion of Kitwara’s, a large group of 18 got off to a fast start covering the first five kilometres in 13:37, five seconds faster that the split time Wanjiru registered when he set his 58:33 World record two years ago in The Hague. Wanjiru, who is currently preparing for October’s Chicago Marathon, was also in that big lead group but it became clear that Wanjiru was not in his best shape as he lost contact with the leaders near the eight kilometre marker.

The lead pack was reduced to a group of eight Kenyans by the 10 kilometre mark – Kitwara, Maiyo, Kwambai, Bernard Kipyego, Wilson Chebet, John Kiprotich, Robert Kipchumba and Charles Munyeki. Working together the eight passed 15 k in 41:54. At that moment Munyuki was the first to fall back. At 17 k Kitwara pressed the pace and behind him the group broke. From that moment on Kitwara was building to his lead. Maiyo, Kwambai and Kipyego tried to follow but they never threatened the eventual winner.

Kitwara, who was obviously pleased with his victory, was asked after the race when he would contest his first marathon. Producing a broad smile, he said, “It will take some years. I think a half marathon is long enough for me.”

Here is Kitwara at the finish:

Leading Results –
1.Sammy Kitwara, KEN 58:58 PB, course record (previous 59:12 Evans Kiprop Cheruiyot, KEN, 9 Sep 2007)
(splits 13:37; 27:44; 41:54; 55.59)
2. Jonathan Maiyo, KEN 59:08 PB
3. James Kwambai, KEN 59:09 PB
4. Bernard Kipyego, KEN 59:10 PB
5. Wilson Chebet, KEN 59:15 PB
6. John Kiprotich, KEN 59:23 PB
7. Robert Kipchumba, KEN 59:32
8. Charles Munyeki, KEN 1:00:18
9. Samuel Wanjiru, KEN 1:01:08
10. Elijah Keitany, KEN 1:01:14
11. Abiyote Guta, ETH 1:01:21 PB
12. Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot, KEN 1:01:22 PB
13. Jacob Kiplagat Yator, KEN 1:01:56
14. Gilbert Yegon, KEN 1:02:00
15. Nicholas ManzaKamakya, KEN 1:02:10
16. Koen Raymaekers, NED 1:05:22
17.Ruben Scheurwater, NED 1:05:58
18. Robert Ton, NED 1:06:03
19. Ronald Schro, NED 1:08:00

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We did 12K yesterday in a sorta fast pace. I enjoyed burning out some amateurs who thought marathons are run using the thorax. Now all I have to do is rest and wait for Saturday.

Below is America's Kara Goucher on her way to getting third place in 2009 Boston Marathon. She is the only good-looking female marathoner AFAIK. Compare her to Britains Paula Radcliffe for example. And oh, btw, third from right is Kenya's Salina Kosgei, the eventual Race winner.

You gotta commend Goucher and Hall: they carry American hopes for marathon wins on their two shoulders. Other like Meb etc are flower girls.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

24K then 12K

I did 24K on Sunday with Bonnie - took us about 2:15 but I had to slow down severally to stay with Bonnie. I will try to do it in under 2 hours next month or late this month.
Yesterday I did 12K on the track. I have added 2Kgs in the last one month thanks to my lovely wife's sumptuous cooking and stuff. I really have to reverse that. I will run again today. Will attempt a moderately fast 14K.
On Saturday we will be going for the Mwea Classic half Marathon.

Here is Bekele winning his last race before bagging the 2009 Golden League Jackpot.

Here are the three winners of the 2009 Golden League Jackpot - Bekele, Sanya richards and Yelena Isinbayeva.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Did 18K - so far so good - hitting 75kmpw

I went and did some ten laps on the tracks yesterday with some of the laps being interval runs. Then I went and did hills and tempo runs for 14K.
Today I will go for an easy recovery sort of run.
My knee is now fine. I have the feeling that I am approaching my best shape. I will do an 8K and hit 75kpw. My highest so far. Cheers


This is a scene from the 2009 Boston Marathon. America's Ryan hall, extreme left, and the only white man in the leading pack, who finished third, takes a quick glance at the composition, demeanor, pace and intent of the leading pack.
IAAF has been bitching that Europeans and Americans are losing interest in marathons because East Africans are dominating marathon competitions and the former dont think its worth investing in and organizing a race only to get the 10th or 13th position.
Well, Hall was 3rd. And Americans dominate the sprints (well Jamaica is now owning the sprints) and nobody cried. Work hard like everyone else and stop bitching.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I did a slow 12K yesterday. Alone. Most of my running mates have slowed down or lost interest. The guys that did 27 last weekend are tired and think they almost got killed.
So how will I manage 60K+ miles peer week?
Anyways, today I take a break. I may try doing a 10K on Thursday and maybe another 10K on Friday. If that happens, I will have done 27+10+12+10+10=69k.
That would be wonderful.

I present to you Geb, the legend.