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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Did 18K - so far so good - hitting 75kmpw

I went and did some ten laps on the tracks yesterday with some of the laps being interval runs. Then I went and did hills and tempo runs for 14K.
Today I will go for an easy recovery sort of run.
My knee is now fine. I have the feeling that I am approaching my best shape. I will do an 8K and hit 75kpw. My highest so far. Cheers


This is a scene from the 2009 Boston Marathon. America's Ryan hall, extreme left, and the only white man in the leading pack, who finished third, takes a quick glance at the composition, demeanor, pace and intent of the leading pack.
IAAF has been bitching that Europeans and Americans are losing interest in marathons because East Africans are dominating marathon competitions and the former dont think its worth investing in and organizing a race only to get the 10th or 13th position.
Well, Hall was 3rd. And Americans dominate the sprints (well Jamaica is now owning the sprints) and nobody cried. Work hard like everyone else and stop bitching.


Anonymous said...

You don't cease to amaze me (ignore the poor grammar!)! The dedication is way too infectious - puts to shame my feeble attempt at the run ...
Where is this you do the hill runs?
Keep it up.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks. You have encountered challenges. That is normal. The definitive issue will be whether you will let them hold you back or whether you will surmount them.

We have a coach (KRA hired the antelope) and he takes us from public service club near Kenyatta N. Hosp to Uhuru park to Serena to state house via procession way to aboretum to Kileleshwa and back thro' NPC valley road mpaka Kenyatta. Its a good distance by the way. It has hills. But we normally do hills on Ngong road kutoka uhuru highway roundabout mpaha National Library - ubaya ni traffic. But where there is a will...
Kuja Ndakaini, even if you will only do 5Km and walk for the rest of the route. Those hills should at the very least be seen by all runners.
Cheers man.

Anonymous said...

You guys got a coach? Wow! Hebu share the secrets b'ana.
I'm coming to Ndakaini ...
You guys - Sikuku, Kamau, Kariuki, Wendy, Yvonne... - got a coach ...
I'm envious ...
Keep up man