Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Knee Better

My knee is much better today and I have a good feeling about its recovery. Today I will do a 70 mins run with speed runs (fartleks) starting after 50 mins of tempo running.
And hey, I just found a video of Kimbo Slice losing a streetfight - his only loss in a streetfight - to a Boston Police officer called Sean Gannon see link below if you want to know what "tough" and "guts" means. And it appears Kimbo lost to Roy Nelson in TUF in what was a slumber fight: Nelson lay his fat belly on Kimbo and Herb Dean called the fight, a decision I understand even Dana white didn't approve of.

Here is Germany's Irina Mikitenko who is leading the women in 2008-2009 World Marathon Majors. In November 2008 Irina Mikitenko became the first non-African winner of a World Marathon Majors (WMM) Series. She took the second series 2007-2008 with her first three marathons of her career – a novelty in the sport. Together with Kenya’s Martin Lel Irina Mikitenko shared a jackpot of one million US-Dollar. It is the highest prize money ever earned by a German athlete.

In 2009 Irina Mikitenko continued her series of superb marathon races: She defended her titel at the Flora London Marathon in April, dominating the best quality city marathon of the year. Among others she left behind the Olympic Champion Constantina Dita (Romania) as well as World Champion Catherine Ndereba (Kenya) and clocked a world lead of 2:22:11.

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