Sunday, November 11, 2007

No Fractures. Given Ointment to Apply for a week

I went to hospital. They did an X-Ray of my tibia. No fractures. I was given an ointment to apply for a week. And I will do exactly that and then resume training on Saturday. I have added a Kilo or so. This is my last week of rest then I resume training. Hopefully, I will be able to restrain myself to start gradually.
I would like to shed off Seven Kgs and be able to run 5Kms in under 20 mins.
That is my target for the next six months. I will also be running 24Kms (60 laps) once every three weeks or so.
Lets do it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Going for Medical Attention Tomorrow

My injury persists so tomorrow I will see a doctor and get it sorted out. I shake when I imagine how I can run when I get injury-free. I have too much psyche bottled up, held at bay by some dubious, unfathomable, unassuagable, gratuitous injury that has no respect for a serious person...
Let me not get started.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Explored a Different Route

I explored a different route yesterday in a run that lasted 1hr 20 mins. What makes the route great is that it has four hilly sections and is therefore quite challenging and good for building stamina.
The problem with the route is that a large part of it has no pavement. So one is constrained for space and has to jostle for it with vehicles. That is risky and is an invitation to be run over especially considering we have maniacs behind the wheels of several vehicles in Nairobi.
So as much as I love the hills, its very unlikely that I will be using that route regularly. Instead, I will seek to lengthen my regular route.
A good thing from my run is that it made my injury worse. Worse because when I walk now, I feel some pain registering. Good because now I can easily gauge whether it is getting better or worse. Good because it will extract from me the right attention an injury deserves. If its not gone by the end of this week I may have to go and see a doctor. It is the only thing standing between me and distance.
My watch broke down so I will be shopping for one. Bloody hell.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Itching Already...

There is a 10Km (or so) track that is hilly that I am itching to explore. My injury has not healed yet but four days without running is invading my sleep with lucid dreams of running. I think I will have to run this weekend. On a new track. Distance and me will be good friends for the next several months.
The exciting thing is the peace and joy of the solitude and the releasing effect of the exertion when I am running. The passing crowds and the cold wind. And the simple but challenging task of lifting one leg and placing it in front of the other, fast. Again, and again. One gets into a machine mode, free from all the worries in the world, shedding off all the stresses, worries and excesses and leaving just the runner and the road in front of him. run is to be one with the gods.