Monday, November 5, 2007

Explored a Different Route

I explored a different route yesterday in a run that lasted 1hr 20 mins. What makes the route great is that it has four hilly sections and is therefore quite challenging and good for building stamina.
The problem with the route is that a large part of it has no pavement. So one is constrained for space and has to jostle for it with vehicles. That is risky and is an invitation to be run over especially considering we have maniacs behind the wheels of several vehicles in Nairobi.
So as much as I love the hills, its very unlikely that I will be using that route regularly. Instead, I will seek to lengthen my regular route.
A good thing from my run is that it made my injury worse. Worse because when I walk now, I feel some pain registering. Good because now I can easily gauge whether it is getting better or worse. Good because it will extract from me the right attention an injury deserves. If its not gone by the end of this week I may have to go and see a doctor. It is the only thing standing between me and distance.
My watch broke down so I will be shopping for one. Bloody hell.

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