Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I support the OUT campaign


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reverend Jeremy Wright Rears his Ugly Head Again

Reverend Wright, Obama's notorious pastor, who has been the heaviest baggage Obama has carried in his campaign, has come out to defend himself. I sympathize with Wright and believe his speech was typical of the speeches of "men of God", like Jerry Falwel, Pat Robertson and John Hagee who often make radical, idiotic statements devoid of logic.

I have no problem with pastors spewing manure. That their job and thats what their lazy audiences pay to be fed. But to come out now to burnish his twaddle just after Obama has lost Pensylvania is selfish of Rev. Wright and the Clinton brigade will jump right at this eruption and paint the televisions, rent the radios and smear the newspapers with it until Obama cannot find any breathing space. Why couldnt he wait and let this nonsense fizzle out?

Damn Jeremy Wright.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Doing Great!

I worked out quite well this morning. Did less rope-skipping and more of kicks and punches and got a lot of sweat running. I reduced the jerky pounding movement because I felt a little ache in my left leg. Just regulating. There is so much excercise to be done that there is no logic to having a go at one part of the body especially when its whining a little. Besides, there is work this wekend.
I feel great!

I am baack

I am back baby. Squats, pressups, cardio kickboxing. Rope-skipping. I am on a roll. This weekend I am doing some 10K. I just need to watch out lest I overexercise and get an injury.
What? The cold? Gone.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to Lose Thigh/ Butt Fat?

A friend asked me the above question. The answer is that you cannot target specific areas for fat loss. Its the body that decides where to get fat to burn in case there is a deficit and it needs fat to burn. Now, its also important to remember that you cannot convert fat to muscle. Adipose tissue (which stores fat) is not muscle tissue. This means you cannot lose fat on your arms by working your arms.
So, one simply has to ensure that they burn fat (excercise) and that their caloric intake (what is eaten) is less than the output. Gradually, the body will depelete its fat stores until the area regarded as fat ia also burned up.
I never knew my neck was fat and always focused on my waistline but when I started cutting weight, I found that I could button all my shirts! Even the ones I assumed were simply too small for me.
In general though, one should do full body workouts that help in the development of muscles all over the body. The more muscles, the better because muscles are essentially fat-burning machines.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting better...

My nose finally started dripping a clear fluid yesterday and I became feverish. I took three tablets of Piritin and some aspirin and went to bed. Today I am much better. I worked out. My sweat did not feel ice-cold anymore and it wasnt such a struggne to move my limbs. Phew. I now realize I have been quite ill now that the joint pains are gone...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sore throat...still kickboxing a little

Yes, the flu has hit home. But I think in a day or two, it will wear off. I think the worst is over.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Going down with a chill...

Damn. Joint pains, feeling cold and tired and shit. Lets see how it goes. In the meantime, plenty of hot fluids and concotions of lemons, ginger and so on. If it doesnt grow to a fully-fledged cold, al be doing 10Kms on Sunday. I will rest tomorrow.

Discovered a New Effective Excercise! - Cardio Kickboxing!

I overexerted myself on the tarmac in Mombasa and have been feeling some pain in my right leg so I may have got injured a little and I have been wondering how to excercise without making the injury worse and therefore keep my weight-loss program while keeping my leg in recovery mode.
Its quite simple, I stumbled upon it while excercising this morning. The beauty of it is that its full body (ie. arms and legs) and there is no pounding movement for the legs.
So, what does it involve?
Its a repetition of three punches and the fourth right punch should be thrown with the left knee coming to the stomach or with a kick. Thats one strike. Then alternate to right leg/knee. I did it for 12 minutes and was sweating. The beauty of it is that one can increase the intensity. Once you have had enough, you can do squats, crunches, pressups or jump on the spot. And the fat melts away.
Lets roll fellas! Tomorrow am on it again! Cant wait.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Overweight man Eaten by Giant Tortoise

The overweight man looks on as the giant tortoise zeroes in on its fat prey.

I am officially overweight. I weighed myself yesterday and got two readings, both more than 85Kgs! I was shocked but I feel my weight and I am overweight. I will buy a weighing scale today or tomorrow and start on a weight-loss regime.
My aim is to lose 10 Kgs by the end of May.
I am negotiating a job offer to the UAE which if successful, may disrupt my plans but nevertheless, some weight must be shed pronto.
So it will be diet and excercise. I am cutting off margarine and sodas from today. No more fried food for lunch and a reduction in quantity of food taken as supper, particularly carbs.
I visited Haller Park in Mombasa and the Public beach. Here are the photos.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Review is Published! Plus 9Kms in Mombasa

My review of EP Sanders, my most serious work to date, finally got published at iidb.org. That means it stands alongside works of giants like Richard Carrier, Theodore Drange and Robert Ingersoll. That is just great!
Here is a link to the review.

I did some 9kms in Mombasa yesterday. I ran from Moi Avenue to Fort Jesus then turned into old town and came back via Island Dishes, down to state house, to the beachside, florida night club to the ferry and back to town. Mombasa being humid, I poured sweat like you cant imagine and it felt great!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Did 11Kms

I did 11 Kms yesterday. I am now beginning to feel my weight. I wont say more for now. I need to weigh myself. No injuries though. So far so good.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

kicks, Rope-skipping

I am just cross-training everyday of the week in the morning. Stretch throw kicks and do pressups, squats and mostly skip the rope.
Its going on quite well. I have started reducing the quantities of food I eat. Slowly reducing. I havent weighed myself for over three months though.