Thursday, April 17, 2008

Discovered a New Effective Excercise! - Cardio Kickboxing!

I overexerted myself on the tarmac in Mombasa and have been feeling some pain in my right leg so I may have got injured a little and I have been wondering how to excercise without making the injury worse and therefore keep my weight-loss program while keeping my leg in recovery mode.
Its quite simple, I stumbled upon it while excercising this morning. The beauty of it is that its full body (ie. arms and legs) and there is no pounding movement for the legs.
So, what does it involve?
Its a repetition of three punches and the fourth right punch should be thrown with the left knee coming to the stomach or with a kick. Thats one strike. Then alternate to right leg/knee. I did it for 12 minutes and was sweating. The beauty of it is that one can increase the intensity. Once you have had enough, you can do squats, crunches, pressups or jump on the spot. And the fat melts away.
Lets roll fellas! Tomorrow am on it again! Cant wait.

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