Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to Lose Thigh/ Butt Fat?

A friend asked me the above question. The answer is that you cannot target specific areas for fat loss. Its the body that decides where to get fat to burn in case there is a deficit and it needs fat to burn. Now, its also important to remember that you cannot convert fat to muscle. Adipose tissue (which stores fat) is not muscle tissue. This means you cannot lose fat on your arms by working your arms.
So, one simply has to ensure that they burn fat (excercise) and that their caloric intake (what is eaten) is less than the output. Gradually, the body will depelete its fat stores until the area regarded as fat ia also burned up.
I never knew my neck was fat and always focused on my waistline but when I started cutting weight, I found that I could button all my shirts! Even the ones I assumed were simply too small for me.
In general though, one should do full body workouts that help in the development of muscles all over the body. The more muscles, the better because muscles are essentially fat-burning machines.

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