Monday, April 14, 2008

Overweight man Eaten by Giant Tortoise

The overweight man looks on as the giant tortoise zeroes in on its fat prey.

I am officially overweight. I weighed myself yesterday and got two readings, both more than 85Kgs! I was shocked but I feel my weight and I am overweight. I will buy a weighing scale today or tomorrow and start on a weight-loss regime.
My aim is to lose 10 Kgs by the end of May.
I am negotiating a job offer to the UAE which if successful, may disrupt my plans but nevertheless, some weight must be shed pronto.
So it will be diet and excercise. I am cutting off margarine and sodas from today. No more fried food for lunch and a reduction in quantity of food taken as supper, particularly carbs.
I visited Haller Park in Mombasa and the Public beach. Here are the photos.

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