Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reverend Jeremy Wright Rears his Ugly Head Again

Reverend Wright, Obama's notorious pastor, who has been the heaviest baggage Obama has carried in his campaign, has come out to defend himself. I sympathize with Wright and believe his speech was typical of the speeches of "men of God", like Jerry Falwel, Pat Robertson and John Hagee who often make radical, idiotic statements devoid of logic.

I have no problem with pastors spewing manure. That their job and thats what their lazy audiences pay to be fed. But to come out now to burnish his twaddle just after Obama has lost Pensylvania is selfish of Rev. Wright and the Clinton brigade will jump right at this eruption and paint the televisions, rent the radios and smear the newspapers with it until Obama cannot find any breathing space. Why couldnt he wait and let this nonsense fizzle out?

Damn Jeremy Wright.

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