Friday, October 2, 2009

45 Mins. Legs Better

I had a friend visiting yesterday and had several meetings so I had to leave work early and go for my run in order to go pick the friend.
My energy levels weren't high in fact after 30 minutes, I felt bored. So anyways, I started fartleks after 40 mins and then stretched and did some exercises for core strength.
My knees are much better. I have realized that the several turns on the track have something to do with the pain. And I suspect that my weak quads may have hurt them because since I started doing leg extensions, my knees have become better and better. Since my compartment muscles are now strong, I will keep working my quads and my shins to keep away injuries. The speed runs will take care of the hamstrings and the last two remaining long runs should take care of my endurance.
My feet are now aching. Its a delicious pain because it shows me the muscles that were asleep now being recruited to propel my body forward during my speed runs. So more speed runs are slated in the next three weeks.
Tomorrow I have 24K and I think there will be 4 of us. I intend to make it quite fast. I hope my knee wont have to talk to the ice.

Today I give you myself (in white cap) at the Mwea Marathon where I cleared 23K in 1Hr 47 mins. In the photo, we are on our way to the start line with Kamau next to me. I am contemplating the dust ahead. Sikuku's legs are the ones on the extreme right. Click to enlarge photo.

At Mwea I had not done any speed runs. Lets hope that the work I put in in the next four weeks will yield something.

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