Thursday, October 29, 2009

Limping Over - New York Marathon

I have stopped limping now but I am far from healed. I think I will give it three weeks to cover even the knees. I am rereading on marathons and marathon training plans because I intend to come back with a very serious bang. No shit.
The NY marathon is due next weekend and now that Lel and Tergat have pulled out due to injuries, we have two strong runners in Robert Cheruiyot and his training partner Kwambai. People say that Kwambai is the favorite. And he very well may be because he is the fastest in the pack. But I think it will be Cheruiyot. Because Cheruiyot missed Boston and even in the World Athletic Championships, he just destroyed the Ethiopians with an incredible speed to help Abel Kirui and Mutai take the win. I don't think he can afford not to win this one.
Below is Cheruiyot and Kwambai training in Eldoret.

Another favorite is two time winner Marilos Gomes Dos Santos. The fastest non-African marathoner. SA's Hendrick Ramalaa also maintains this is his time. Below is Dos Santos winning one of his NYC races.

America's Ryan Hall and Meb may also be planning to pull something. Lets see what happens. But I predict 'Mwafrica' (RC) will win.


21km, anytime said...

Get back soon, man. You give new meaning to running, believe me. Let's see how Ndakaini turns out next year.
Quick recovery.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks. Al be back pretty soon.
Combine the 100 pushups with 100 sit ups programs. Both are available on the net. You will get serious core strength and get chiseled with the two.