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Sunday, October 4, 2009

24K - knee better

We went for a 24K run on Sato as planned. We started late (5:40am) but were lucky because the sun didn't come out by the time we were finishing. Bonnie came in very good time: 5:00am as agreed. and GK came about 15 mins later. We waited for Joram for some 20 mins then left.
I wasn't strong because I didn't eat much the previous night and at the same time, had only slept for an hour and a half the previous night. But I wasn't gonna miss this one for anything.
GK set a great pace and we passed the 6K mark in 32mins and we reached the Mbagathi way roundabout in less than one hour. I got a stitch after about 13Kms that slowed me down. My body was quite fine though after 22Kms, I felt its toll. I slowed down and maintained good form. I want worried because we had achieved our objective: train the body to withstand the pressure of running for more than 90 mins and let it learn to use fat as a source of energy.
Bonnie hit the wall after about 19Kms and stopped running - weight and lack of regular training. I ran on to clear in 2:18, which is not bad at all. My knee, which I was worried about, didnt give me much of a problem even after the run. That means to me that the track has been screwing my knees up, particularly the lateral ligaments. So that Public Service track will have to be avoided - it lacks rounded corners and is more of a square track. I am also realizing that I just have two weeks of serious training left with this week being one of the two. So I will keep away from the track and take the road instead - trying to avoud the tarmac and concrete as much as possible. I will need all the discipline I can muster because boy, this running business ain't easy at all. So many priorities, so many things standing in the way...
Two weeks. Only two weeks left. That is the mantra that will keep me on track for the next two weeks otherwise I drop out.
In the last week I will do a 27K on 17th and a 5K speed test on 20th then I rest for four days and get back fresh legs so I can kick ass on 25th.

Today I give you one runner I have always admired : Eritrea's Zersenay Tadesse. Who has single-handedly placed that small country on the map when it comes to athletics. He is the three-time reigning champion of World Half Marathon Championships which take place in Birmingham, UK on 11 October 2009. Sammy Kitwara and Kwambai will be there to challenge him. Paul Musyoki wont show up and Ngatunyi rejected the offer to represent Kenya, which has bagged 17 out of the 19 team championships.

Here is Tadese, on full flight to another win:

Tadese won the first of his titles in Debrecen, Hungary in 2007, at the briefly (for two years) renamed World Road Running Championship, over the distance of 20km. He repeated his success the following year over the half marathon in the northern Italian town of Udine setting his personal best of 58:59 which still stands as the seventh quickest run of all time on courses applicable for record purposes.

Look at his smile after a win. Like Haile, he smiles generously.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jack & Bonnie for inviting me and sorry for being late.
I enjoyed our 24kms Saturday run. I ran quite well until the Muthurwa area where the large number of pedestrians forced me to slow down. My legs were strong but meandering through people really slowed me down. I appreciated the need to start the run earlier so that other road users do not interrupt. I will do my normal runs during the next two weeks and look forward to the 27kms run on 17th.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks for showing up GK. And yes, we need to start early, preferably at 5:00am. And we were lucky coz the sun didn't come out that day.
The Muthurwa area is great for practice because it replicates the conditions at the start of a marathon: many people walking and stuff.
If all is well, we should do the 27K run on 17th then taper that week.