Tuesday, October 13, 2009

12K in 59:40 with 5K in 21:40 - Out of the 80s - My Inspirations

My weight dipped to 79.9 so I am getting out of the 80s. If I can reach 78Kgs in the next 10 days, that would be excellent! I wasn't that strong yesterday but managed to do 5K in 21:40 and 12K in 59:40. I was both disappointed and glad at the same time.
Glad that I could pull off such a performance after covering 32Kms in the last two days and disappointed that it reflected some low mileage and speed.
At any rate, I was knocked out and was pretty tired so I have today off and possibly tomorrow.
I have to travel urgently to Mbsa to sort some issues related to my wedding. Meaning I have to reschedule the 27K slated for Saturday.
I am supposed to be tapering anyways and they claim that you need at least four weeks to start losing your endurance...
Today I share with you some of my inspirations.
One is branch warren, a body builder who is about 5" 9 but works his butt off with workouts from hell. His dedication to the sport and the manner in which he pushed his body to staggering limits, is an inspiration to me.

Another is Forrest Griffin whose heart inspires me. He has recently suffered two losses with the recent one being most humiliating. He is seen below in a photo with a bloodied face fighting against Tito Ortiz in a 2006 match Ortiz won in a split decision. I understand we will have Ortiz vs Griffin 2 in November.

For now, let me take a break.
Cheers Fellaz.

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