Sunday, October 11, 2009

Did 24K and a fast Run

Yep. Yesterday I did 24K and I plan to do an easy 6K today as a recovery run. My knees aren't in the best shape but I am not too worried coz my quads are getting stronger and the knees harder.
I decided it would be a fun run so I started slowly and focused on maintaining good form and ensuring my form did not fall apart even after 18Kms. I succeeded though I returned the same time as last weekend 2:18 yet last weekend we tried to be fast.
Yes, Wanjiru did what he needed to do and now is 70Million Shillings richer after winning the Chicago Marathon in 2:05:41.
It means that only three men have managed to get under 2:05 - Haile, Tergat, Kibet and Kwambai.

Here is Wanjiru winning the 2009 Chicago Marathon. He breaks all the course records wherever he runs and alwais wins except in the 2008 London Marathon where Lel outsprinted himin the final 200m.


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