Wednesday, October 21, 2009

8K Recovery Run and Taper is On

After my 24K on Sunday with GK, I did an 8K recovery run which quickly, dashingly and enthusiastically and with utter abandon, developed into a fartlek session though I was doing 100m fartleks. I need speed like God needs worship.
Anyways, I did the fartleks on the grass to give my legs a break from the 24K tarmac. And my knees demonstrated that they are strong and can handle fast speeds which need braking and accelerating. It started pouring towards the end and I had to rush to a shelter. The weather here is kind of cold. The met guys are claiming that el nino is here with us the way the Matrix had Neo.
My knees ache a little but they are 87% okay. Actually the problem I had on Wednesday was some pain on my left rib.
I feel strong. I feel good.
What I want to do today is go for a 5K speed test where I seek to do a sub 20mins 5K. Last week I did 5K in 21:40 so I want to see whether I can slash that 1 minute off the 5K time. If I feel strong I will probably add some 7K to that 5K then I rest and wait for that big day.
The good thing about being able to run 4 or 5 times a week is that a rest of 3 days feels like forever and should be enough for recovery and topping up of my energy stores so that I dont tank anywhere within 21K, irrespective of my speed. And boy, oh boy, don't I intend to kick some ass!
I am still not sure I can deliver a sub 1:30 Half M but I know its possible but is a helluva tall order. Whatever the case, next year I want to aim at delivering a sub 1:20 Half M. More importantly, next year I want to focus on mileage and I am to do up to 150Kms per week. I know of a guy (a student) aiming at 1:00 who delivers 210Kms per week.
Talking of tall Order, I just remembered Rorschach, a character in the Watchmen (2009) movie. At one point he says, "Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon."
And when he is faced with the Armageddon in the face of an all-knowing, immortal and powerful "watchman" (Jon Osterman), he refuses to compromise and says: "Of course. Must protect Veidt's utopia. One more body amongst foundations makes little difference. Well, what are you waiting for? Do it."
And when he enters prison, he tells the prison thugs trying to bully him that the idea of them killing him is a "tall order" irrespective of their numbers. Here is part of their conversation:
Fat Thug: Hey, Boss, you notice? None of that "small world, tall order" crap, cause he knows once we slice open his lock, he's next on the block.
Rorschach: Fat chance.

Meanwhile, on Monday (19th) 21 year old Gilbert Yegon made an auspicious debut in the Marathon, delivering a 2:06:18 for  in the Amsterdam Marathon to take down Haile Gebrselassie's course record. A painful hamstring slowed him in the last hundred metres. Here he is crossing the finish line.

 Cheers and best luck to y'all tapering fellaz.

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