Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Final 5K in 20:20 - 1:30 half possible. Now I rest.

I did a 5K speed test on the track yesterday and finished in 20:20. When I plot this on MacMillan's running calculator I get a 42:14 10K, a 1:05:27 15K and a 1:29:04 20K as you can see from the table below. This places a sub 1:30 21K a little out of my reach.

I know that I can run better during race day so long as I don't screw 5K by starting out too fast. But then again, what is too fast? Pacing is something I will have to learn. At any rate, I can aim to cross 5K in 21:30, 10K in 43:00, 15K in 1:06, 20K in 1:27 and probably 21K in 1:30 something.
The thing about race conditions that differ from the track which can make me run faster are as follows:
  • Availability of pace-setters and competitors. Ensuring you don't go to sleep when running.
  • Tarmac throughout - better grip.
  • Stronger due to carb-loading 
  • Fresh legs - hopefully.
  • Charged atmosphere.
The only thing that can screw me up is bad weather and if my knee flares up. Right now my left knee is painful but I will let it talk to the ice for a while as I rest.
The only thing I can do now is be ready to try my best.And to remember that I normally run 23K in 2:20 but ran it in 1:47 in Mwea. Meaning that I sliced 33minutes off my training pace during the race.
Who knows what can happen on 25th October?



21km, anytime said...

Man, hats off. You've been consistent, not just in showing up and training, but showing up, training well, training with a goal in mind and slashing off those minutes (and that fat, tee hee).
I have followed you, every day, every blog post, every kilometre covered, every punishing Saturday long run ... I can only say you have run a good race.
See you on 25th - after the race, that is.
Keep it up man.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks man. I have tried. But I still have a lot of ground to cover. My bro's death knocked me off my training program and from there I got a wife and everything got shifted.
You have also tried lets meet on 25th before and after the race.