Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome to My Blog

I am Jacob Aliet. A Kenyan. An avid reader and an aspiring writer and scriptwriter. I harbour no beliefs in the supernatural and my interests are in Archaeology (especially Ancient Near East), Metaphysical Naturalism, Literary Theory, Writing, Philosophy of mind, the human condition, Science and Skepticism, Philosophy, Biblical Criticism and History and running. Yes, running, particularly marathon training.
So this blog will cover all those fields.
Feel free to post your comments and enjoy!


Jadhoot said...

Hi Aliet. This is Dan. Please visit my blog, http://jadhoot.blogspot.com/ A lot will change in it in the next few days.

wannagetbetter said...

Damn A., You mean you started this blog exactly a year ago, and i just got to learn about it??

Oh well. I guess its never too late.