Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Training day 23, 24 - Been Running on Fumes

15K and 17K.
Today I went for a 17K on the bypass. It was a struggle. But I did it. I had energy, but my legs were shredded like fuck.
I have realized one thing: I have been running on fumes.
From the end of October to this week, I have been running 3 times a week: 27K on Sunday, a 10K on Tuesday and speed runs on Thursdays.
It all feel apart three weeks ago after I had been off training for 10 days due to a hamstring injury. From then, I have seen my performance deteriorate, the 27K become a soul-destroying run and my 10K times get slower. Most of all, painful, heavy, cramped, tight legs.
What this means to me, now, is that, my mileage has been too low and the only thing that has kept me going in Nov and Dec has been the weekly mileages I used to do before Stanchart Marathon. These are the fumes I have been running on.
And my recent struggles have been testimony that I have run out of the fumes and I am deteriorating to a new unfitness level.
So, after XMas, I decided to put aside speed runs and concentrate on mileage. I have completed week one with:
That is from 27+10+6=43 Kms.
My right knee is acting funny so I have it under pressure. Can I do 90K next week? Hmmmmm....Lets see...
Meanwhile, Overeem retired Lesnar in UFC 141 last night.


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