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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Biked - Great Going

I biked for 50 mins - there was a blackout and my sleepy wife was begging me not to step outside and she talked with great concern about the dangers posed by thieves, robbers, frostbite, muggers, serial killers, dead cats, ghosts, madmen, gangsters, lions, hyenas, potholes, deranged drivers, stones, dust etc etc so I decided to indulge her.
So I stretched and did pushups and crunches and then I strapped my legs to the bike and tightened it to max tension. I decided to do better this time: for each 10mins, I would burn 100 calories. In the end, I managed to burn 502 calories in 50 mins. This is an improvement over last time, where I burnt 480 calories in 50mins.
I am beginning to respect this bike a lot. My legs feel great and tomorrow, blackout or not, I will have a thorough 50mins run.
Here is Asbel Kiprop at work.


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