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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Did 21Kms

I managed 21Kms in 1hr 45mins yesterday. I felt pretty banged up after the run but it was a good run. My pace was fairly fast and I managed the first 7Kms in 31minutes so I am close to my target of 7Kms in 30 mins.
My lower leg injuries are gone and I am pretty strong though I got tired and really slowed down after 14Kms. I need to look into that.
I want to focus on increasing my speed these next two weeks and on being stronger. So weight training will come in.
Lets see how it goes. I should be going for some 12Kms Tomorrow. Today I am off. I am so hungry and I am afraid I may be transforming to a glutton. I just ordered two chapatis, an egg and a maize cob.
Now, excuse me while I eat.

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