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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Giving the Joints a Break and Gearing Up for Long Run

Today, like tomorrow, I worked out indoors. First, because it rained quite heavily yesterday and I am sure the track is a mess today - damn, its still raining now. Secondly, because I plan to do 21Kms on Saturday so I might as well give my body, especially my joints and leg muscles (calves and shins) a break and let some healing take place and chase the soreness. And third, the extreme fatigue I felt after the 11Kms run on Saturday was a red flag and may mean I need to slow down somewhat because my energy levels are low so I need to reload and fire big tyme on Saturday. Plus, my joints need to heal and be well-oiled for the 21Kms on Saturday.
Yeah. So I used weights to develop my core strength. Abs, Arms, back and quads.
I shall do something similar tomorrow.
In my conversation with a friend today, I just got an insight I could learn from myself since I am such a slut for distance: It is better to run 5 Kms today and be able to run again tomorrow, than run 20Kms today and be nursing injuries for the next week.

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