Friday, September 14, 2007

Strengthening Excercises and Some Cardio

I worked out for 30 minutes today. Threw kicks for 15 minutes, did vertical jumps, a few preacher curls and lower abs excercises. My aim is to keep my metabolic rate (to help me with weight loss) and to increase my core strength and develop stronger leg muscles.
I feel quite strong after taking it easy for three days and I am thinking I should be pretty strong tomorrow. My shin splints are just about over but there is some slight pain in the inner side of my right leg. Its as if the shin splints have migrated down because it is down, close to the foot. Its not a problem. I realized that the shoes I have been wearing may have been causing some problem with my foot because they were not well-fitting and I have taken up an old pair.
The politics in my country is really fucked up right now and I hope we will get a new breed of politicians after the elections. Corruption is rampant and thugs are passing legislation to easen looting and creating laws that protect their loot. Its so damn annoying, I can feel cortisol flowing in me.

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