Sunday, September 2, 2007

Did 21 Kms

I was supposed to do a speed run but I read somewhere that long runs also help one improve their speed. Plus, I wanted to discover my wall. It appears that as things stand, my wall is beyond 21Kms. Last year, my wall lied around the 12Kms mark.
For the uninitiated, the wall refers to the point when your glycogen is all used up and the body then has to burn fat to generate more energy. This has to be done aerobically with Oxygen and once a runner hits the wall, they experience extreme fatigue.
So anyway, I completed 21Kms in 1hr 46 Minutes. I have realized that long distances train one to deal with pain. At one time, my right knee had issues, I moved the workload to the left leg and 300m later, the problem was gone and I resumed the balance. At one point, I had some pain in my right hip. Same solution. Gone. I think it has something to do with my being right-handed and I may be overworking my right leg making it provide the drag. But I am watching it.
I have discovered that I am a glutton for distance and need to run shorter distances so that I can concentrate on working on my speed. I feel great though. Today I am on a break. I resume tomorrow. Seven weeks to go then I taper off just before the big day.


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