Monday, September 10, 2007

I got the Route map and will register today

[Please click on the image to magnify]
I got the route map for the marathon. I am suprised we will use the same track as last year but its all good. There is only one hill - make it two since we double back in the 21Kms. The registration fee was increased by 700/= and is 1000/= this year.
My plan is to 'peak' my training the next four weeks then taper off. The last week I will just be eating and sleeping. I cant wait.
My MBA project proposal was accepted for presentation so I will be doing some runaround today to pay fees and get some signatures and hopefully can defend it on Monday next week.
The problem on my foot has abated. I am suspecting I will be walking for some three Kilometers today and will run for 12Kms in the evening. I need to ensure my voter registration is in order because there is an important election I will be participating in in a couple of months.

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