Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cross-Training and Building Confidence

I am off the track today so I engaged myself in some resistance training. I did calf raises with weights, preacher curls, half squats (carefully ensuring I dont upset the left knee) and crunches.
There was some pain on my right foot but I think it will pass within eight hours. Am getting psyched for the marathon and my focus this week is to do my 12Km run on Tuesday and Thursday and then 21Km on Saturday. If I manage that, my week will have been successful. My weight seems to be sticking at around 80Kgs. I would like to hit 78Kgs. Some people are complaining that I have lost too much while some say I look overweight.
Oh, by the way, I will go and register for the marathon today. I will post the map and everything as soon as I have it.

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