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Monday, September 17, 2007

Did 21Kms on Saturday

I did 21Kms on Saturday and rested yesterday. I had an easy, fun run and took about 1hour 50 mins. I did not carry a watch so concentrated on covering the distance and feeling how my body was handling the task. My shin splints are almost completely healed. I however have some pain down towards my foot that I will be monitoring. My knees are not that strong.

Today I decided to change my breakfast and for the next four weeks, my breakfast will be two biscuits of Weetabix and 250ml of milk.
I also want to cut down on my lunch because I tend to eat quite a lot during lunch.
This morning, I threw kicks for 17 minutes (hamstrings). After I was fully warmed up and sweating, I embarked on countless calf-raises and curls. Then I did 200 crunches (100+20X5). I also walked some two Kilometers.

I will be doing some 12Kms or so tomorrow.


LOLA said...

Way to go, Jacob! I'm getting hungry just reading all the work you did on Saturday. Man, that race coming up this October is so yours! Happy Training, Friend!

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks Lola. You inspire me with your enthusiasm, energy and sense of sport. I will dedicate 5Kms for you during the marathon.