Thursday, September 20, 2007

Did 12Kms. Still Going Strong

I managed 12Kms yesterday in 58 mins. This is an improvement. With this increase in speed though, my legs seem to suffer. I backpedaled for 800 meters and the shin splints still seem to be at bay. I am definitely stronger and faster and I am able to keep at a certain speed for longer.
I will try my best and have a recovery run on saturday (tomorrow). Even though every time I go to run, I feel like its an opportunity I should not squander jogging slowly. But I think I need the recovery run.
Cheers. I will try and slow down next week so that I can go for a 24Km run on 29th or 30th.
I need to weigh myself. I have cut out sugars in the morning and reduced carbs during lunch whilst increasing protein and vitamin intake to help my wounds heal and my muscles develop. Lets see how it goes. I want to be strong, lean and fast. Resistance training, diet and speed.

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