Thursday, September 6, 2007

My seven-week program

After deciding to ditch speed runs this year (to avoid injuries), I did a few squats and calf raises this morning to test my system. My knee is much better. There is some pain in my shins but not shin splints. Feels more like a raw, stretched nerve.
I am nonetheless starting my new regimen today: run a minimum of three times a week, a minimum of 36 Kms per week. I will be doing 12Kms every session and using that to monitor my speed. Right now I do 12Km in an hour. If I can manage to do it in less than 50mins, that would be superb. Then I will be doing 21Kms every fortnight. That means I will do 21Kms on 15th, on 29th, on 13th October and on 20th October. With the 29th or 13th on tarmac. Then I taper off with a recovery run on 23rd and rest until the day - 28th October.
I want to take it easy and keep away from injuries. I want to work on my strength, stamina, comfort and confidence. I have a great feeling about it and think it will pan out quite well. Wish me luck.

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