Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Did 10Kms. I am Improving!

After walking for around 1.5Kms yesterday and stretching, I felt pretty good. Strong and injury free. No shin splints, no knee problems. So I said why not? And I started fast and kept at it. I managed to clear the first 5Kms in 23mins. Thats a 3 minutes improvement! And I managed to clear the 10K in 46mins and some seconds. This is great! I have improved!. Plus, my shin-splints are gone! I feel great. I feel that I can manage 5K in under 20 mins if I try hard enough and I am aiming at exactly that. I will try again tomorrow and see if I can do 12K under 50minutes or 10K under 40 minutes. I think I can do it. I am so excited and happy as hell.
This is greeeat! This next four weeks I will push this body hard. This is war. And on 29th Sept I will do 23Kms because I have come to believe that these long runs help improve one's speed.


Jadhoot said...

This is interesting man. How did you manage 21km? I used to run but never quite got round to timing myself. Your feat encourages me to pick up from where I left a few years back. I begin on Sunday morning. Wish me luck!

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks. Its all about identifying a goal and getting past all the obstacles that come between you and that goal. Including time, injuries, weight issues and other commitments.
Its a good way of building character and dealing with stress.