Thursday, August 30, 2007

Indoor Workouts

Ideally, I shouldave gone for a recovery run today but the hustle of carrying my bag to work so that I can go and run in the evening was daunting. So I worked indoors, did half squats to strengthen my knees, did calf raises with weights, bicep curls and my abs. I am working on improving my core strength. I will be looking for a hill so that I can start hill runs and want to start covering longer distances regularly and doing interval runs. My understanding is that all these will improve my speed. The long runs will deplete my glycogen and stimulate fat burning. The intensity of the speed runs will expand my blood volume to a greater extent than slower running and the increased blood volume will ensure both better fuel and oxygen delivery to my muscles during the marathon and a superior supply of blood to the skin for cooling - and also reduces the risk of dehydration. I read somewhere that "intense running makes marathon pace feel much easier by comparison (while slow running makes marathon speed feel comparatively harder), a not inconsequential factor when one is faced with the daunting task of running more than 26 miles at a particular pace"
There is some good advice regarding Marathon Training Schedule on the net. Just what I need now with eight weeks to go.

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