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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Did 13 Kms

I wanted to do 12Kms but was feeling quite strong so I decided to do 13Kms yesterday. It seems my splintered shins are no longer my major worry. Now I have a nagging pain on my left knee but it only pains when I squat or substantially bend my knee.
Otherwise I am feeling pretty cool and I am planning to attempt 18Kms tomorrow. WIsh me luck. Oh, by the way, my timing doesnt look good at all because It took me 1 Hr 9 minutes to do the 13Kms.


George Ogutu said...

Keep it up man. That 1hr 9 min for 13 kms translates to about 6 minutes per kilometre meaning you can work it down to 5 minutes per km, about an hour and 5 minutes for the 13 km. Keep it going man...

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks man. I hav actually improved already. Yesterday I managed 5mins per Km.

Anonymous said...

is there sports you do apart from running? u seem fit. ever thot of representing Kenya?

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks Anonymous for the compliment. I am still waaay, waay too unfit to represent my country. In fact, I have no plans, hopes or intentions of doing so. This is just a hobby and there are THOUSANDS who are fitter than me and who are more serious and better equipped than I am.
I have a full time job.