Monday, August 6, 2007

12 Kms on the Grass

I did 12Kms on a field yesterday. I still have pain in my shins though but I was able to time myself better. I did it (30laps X 400m) in 1 Hour sharp. I was hoping for 50 Minutes but I guess am still slow. I need to work on my speed.
At this rate (the pain), I may have to push my next run to wednesday, then Friday. Tomorrow, I will have to content myself with other excercises as I give my shins a break.

Oh, by the way, I watched DieHard4 and Transformers. The former was great. The latter sucked and was contradictory. How could the megatrons, who were an older species, who were more advanced that humans, have one of them wishing to remain on Earth and be a pet to a human? And the idea of a robot that is a nigger was not exactly appealing.

I loved the scene in DieHard4 where Willis (John McClane) meets this computer geek (the Warlock) in some room surrounded by computers. The Warlock is sitting with a keyboard on his lap, drowned by PCs. He turns round and sees his friend matt Farrell and Willis walking in. He looks at Matt and laments over the infernal desecration.

The Warlock: How could you bring him into my Command Center?!!!!
John McLane (laughs sarcastically): Its a Basement!
The Warlock (angrily): It's a Command Center! Who is this man?

That gave me a laugh.


Dawn said...

I read your request to post something here at IIDB (I'm WishboneDawn) so here's my post. :)

I have to admit I think I'd love running if I ever took it up. I'm getting into shape now...I'm going to keep reading and maybe you'll inspire me to take up running before too long.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks Dawn, start. Lets do it. Its a lot of fun and pretty good for burning fat and keeping in shape.

Dawn said...

I was going to write, 'I didn't mean yet! I'm still out of shape and too heavy.' But heck, even if I get out and can only run a few minutes, it's a start, right?

Jacob Aliet said...

Even if you run out just for a few minutes, its not just a start, it is SOMETHING! No escercise is useless. Start with a few minutes, next day increase them and so on and so forth. That is how you progress. Tell mw how it goes.
Cood luck

Dawn said...

I'm getting some exercise already. I usually do about 40 minutes of low impact aerobics...It's just the running I haven't been trying. :)