Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back after 10 days rest

I was away on work. Travelled across many towns and decided since I was in unfamiliar surroundings every other day, It was time to take a break and let nagging injuries heal. Any injuries from here on I may have to run off the stoic way.

I ran yeaterday and today. I have decided to do 38 minutes four times per week and start 40 minutes mid July. Meanwhile, From Sunday I resume my long Slow runs (LSR) and I start with one hour this Sunday.

I will be running Sunday (LSR), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
So Sato and Monday are rest days.
From Mid July I start speedwork in form of tempo runs and fartleks.
The next three weeks will focus on "pushing gently" especially after 3Kms (when my body is warmed up).
Here is Clay Guida. Much respected in MMA for his unrelenting, never giving-up spirit.

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