Sunday, January 5, 2014

Everyday I Fight

Jan 6th. Back to work after four weeks off training. My psoas and adductors have not healed. I decided to have my wife dig her heel into my psoas yesterday and it helped. I managed to sneeze while standing upright and didn't experience any pain. This is a good sign. I am now researching on how to speed up the recovery from my left adductors injury.
I will start by walking this week and monitoring my diet. Running starts next week. My first priority is to cut weight then get fast and strong. Weight hovering between 77 and 78Kgs.
2014 Training begins today. 69Kgs sub 1:25. Those are the goals.
Jan 13th-17th - Dropped a kilo last week and now hovering at around 76.5Kgs.
Went for my first run of the year at the field. My adductors are still painful. I got a video on how to work them and stretch them effectively and they have improved. I start easy, intent on just enjoying the feeling of running again and being back in the grind. At about 8K, some guy, actually an overweight guy, starts running beside me. I hear the footballers calling him "Focus". He pushed me quite hard (and vice versa) and by the time I end my run at 13K, he had bested me. I manage the 13K in 1:04 avg 4:54. Much better than I had planned, thanks to "Focus" and my competitive spirit.
I start taking 1 teaspoon from 16th. Will now cut down dinner gradually.
16th - 16k in 1:17 avg 4:51. Adductors are definitely better and I am strong though still slow because the fitness is still not here. I stop taking sugar. Just discovered that scones, my favorite scones from TMall, which I love so much is 145calories a piece (41grams). That means scones are out. Permanently. White bread is 90 calories per slice. Me and watermelons are gonna be friends for good.
19-23rd - 22K on 19th. My adductors and psoas are much sore in the morning when its cold. The objective of this run was to test my endurance. I cleared the 22K alright so my endurance is intact. Was slow coz of the adductor and general lack of fitness. Average pace 5:49 time 2:08. On Tuesday 18K in 1:34 avg pace 5:15. Adductor pain plus no one to push me. Its alright coz weight and getting back to fitness are the main goals now. Thursday 17K in 1:21 avg pace 4:48. 13K in 1:01:20. I feel like a normal runner for the first time in months! Like a somebody. Like I once used to feel. I can now afford to clench my teeth and push hard. Adductor pain has really gone down and I get to get off a motor bike while not limping. Borura is in very good form. Him and some other guy push me. Especially the other guy. Weight is 74Kgs. Great going.
If you want something. You go get it. Period.
That's exactly what I am gonna do. No if, no buts, no third party considerations.
26-31st 22k on Sunday Adductors painful. I cant run fast. 22K on Tuesday. Still painful but I grit my teeth and speed up towards the end. A little. In Bujumbura do 6k in the evening Wednesday. Adductors better. Shins painful. Do 15K and sprint for the first time this year. There is still pain but its bearable.Do 10K and finnish off a 70K week. Adductor injury still alive and well but there are some improvements because there are movements that were painful last week that are no longer painful, plus I can sprint. A little - teeth gritted. Work on adductors and psoas continues as I keep fit. Waiting to get better.