Friday, December 11, 2009

W2 D3 - Kebede's Record

Did W2 D3 today. Wasn't that hard though I got close to sweating. I did 24,25,21,21,33 (max 30). Exhaustion test on Sunday.
Meanwhile, Tsegaye Kebede has only been running marathons for two and a half years, but in that short span of time he has reached a level of accomplishment that no one else has in history.
Kebede's 2009 was so superb, that he also managed to become the second fastest ever for total time of his two fastest races, 4:10:38.
Haile Gebrselassie heads the double fastest list, not just breaking 4:10, but going sub-4:09 as well in 2008. He started off with the then second fastest time ever, 2:04:53 at Dubai in January and then posted the still standing World record of 2:03:59 at Berlin in September.

Gebrselassie and Olympic champion Sammy Wanjiru are the only men to go sub-4:12 total in two years.

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